Welcome to the Candidate-CSC Discussion Group.

Do you have questions or suggestions regarding the Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Coach Program? 
Are you looking for help in applying to be a CSC? 

Use this group to discuss the program with existing CSCs and other candidates. Anyone can join.

Members of the group include current CSCs, CSC Candidates and interested explorers. To help differentiate yourself when participating, please put CSC or CSC Candidate in your display name for this group or in the subject line of any thread you start.

As of 12/22/12, the following CSCs are members of this group:
- Brad Swanson
- Christoph Mathis
- Laurent Morriseau
- Madhur Kathuria
- Martin Alaimo
- Michael Sahota
- Pete Behrens
- Richard Lawrence
- Roger Brown
- Skip Angel
- Daniel Teng
- Xavier Quesada Allue

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Las Vegas Scrum Gathering Coaching Clinic Roger Brown CSC, CST 5/1/13
Business Analyst/ Certified Scrum Master/ Contract/ Tallahassee, FL Tom Gugger 2/27/13
Section 5, Question 12 Michael Mallete (CSC Candidate) 1/25/13
Section 7. Question 23 Juan Banda 1/10/13
Tips wanted on how to improve an application of an imbedded coach Gene Gendel (CSC Candidate) 1/2/13
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