Camus - Kafka ETL for Hadoop

Thanks for stopping by.  I'm just getting this up and running, more detail to come.  If you have any questions, feel free to post.  Thanks, Ken

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from kafka to hbase Chen Wang 8/26/15
Runtime error [: Error for EtlKey] while running camus . Sugandha Goyal 8/26/15
Is your BI tool really intelligent ? Helical Insight 8/24/15
KPIs that staffing and recruitment companies shoud track Helical Insight 8/24/15
Staffing Analytical Solution Helical Insight 8/24/15
FileNotFoundException when running Camus Pato Arvizu 8/20/15
AvroRestSchemaRegistry Class Not Found Exception karthik rajagopalan 8/20/15
Camus Saying Job Completion . But No Data is written in HDFS. Deep Shah 8/7/15
InstantiationException on custom RecordWriterProvider Rohan Aletty 8/5/15
Code for avro-repo-bundle jar? Pramod Biligiri 7/29/15
Kafka- "Received -1 from channel reading from source socket has likely been closed" Ashish Dutt 7/22/15
Uncommitted Offsets but Committed Data in Failed Camus Jobs Shaun Sit 7/21/15
Unable to append a new message to a topic in Camus.Getting "null record" error Ashish Dutt 7/21/15
camus diployment issue mahantesh kumbar 7/20/15
time partition result with 1 second deviation Miao Liu 7/10/15
Null record when run the camus example whyy777 7/9/15
ClassNotFoundException on DummySchemaRegistry Shekar Tippur 7/7/15
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