This list is to support the CampFireManager application. The code in various repositories hosted at

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Bug in the Talk Editor Chris Hobbs 10/27/13
[Fixed] CampFireManager/cfm2#84 (master - 06c5fea) Travis CI 9/16/13
[Still Failing] CampFireManager/cfm2#82 (master - 5f513f0) Travis CI 9/15/13
[Still Failing] CampFireManager/cfm2#76 (master - 6dbf92b) Travis CI 9/7/13
[Still Failing] CampFireManager/cfm2#75 (master - 891e239) Travis CI 9/7/13
[Still Failing] CampFireManager/cfm2#71 (master - f687e6b) Travis CI 9/7/13
[Still Failing] CampFireManager/cfm2#70 (master - c77aba9) Travis CI 8/25/13
[Broken] CampFireManager/cfm2#68 (master - 6a97634) Travis CI 8/25/13
Issue Tracker changes, clarification and updates. Jon Spriggs 7/13/10
Feedback / campfire idea ryan miller 6/14/10