It is generally a good idea to do a couple things when posting questions:

1. Explain very precisely what you want to do.

2. Explain what you have already tried, and what the results are (what happened? possibly log traces).

3. Try searching the group for similar questions.

Try to give the reader a feeling that you've already made an effort, but that you are now stuck.

Following this recipe will get questions answered much more quickly. 

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Calabash-Android 0.8.2 released 9/15/16
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Facebook Login Parmeet Singh 8/25/16
Android test scenario run aborted randomly (on windows) 8/25/16
Getting error while installing gems 8/23/16
Run Specific Tests / Scenarios instead of entire feature file? Tony Montgomery 8/19/16
execution expired (HTTPClient::ReceiveTimeoutError) Leem fin 8/17/16
Calabash-Android Test to launch Xamarin Android App from browser shreyas kaushik 8/15/16
Querying textual content from custom Android view that does not derive from TextView Phil Gref 8/12/16
How to scroll down until it finds text? Lucas Cordeiro 8/11/16
RuntimeError: Querying WebView 8/10/16
First time setup of Cucumber-Calabash Sarat 8/9/16
Touch on video player is restricted and throwing the securityException Rama 8/9/16
Check if mock location is on marshmallow Krupa Shah 8/4/16
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