It is generally a good idea to do a couple things when posting questions:

1. Explain very precisely what you want to do.

2. Explain what you have already tried, and what the results are (what happened? possibly log traces).

3. Try searching the group for similar questions.

Try to give the reader a feeling that you've already made an effort, but that you are now stuck.

Following this recipe will get questions answered much more quickly. 

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Help with crosswalk XWalkView query. seun are 7/29/15
Error during build resign & No test server found Prashant Pawar 7/29/15
How to make scenario fail, if particular condition does not occurs? Aravind A 7/28/15
Correct use of until_element_exists wait helper? muranea 7/27/15
Underlying cause of "ArrayList cannot be cast to java.lang.String"? muranea 7/27/15
Service Testing Jerin Jose 7/26/15
Latest Version Of Facebook SDK displays as webDialog and Not webView. Unable to Handle WebDialog Element using Calabash Pradeep 7/23/15
I would like to know how automate test for notifications mobile Android? Aline Chaves 7/23/15
How to get translated versions in Ruby? Riderman Sousa 7/23/15
How to check if device is DualSim? Riderman Sousa 7/23/15
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