It is generally a good idea to do a couple things when posting questions:

1. Explain very precisely what you want to do.

2. Explain what you have already tried, and what the results are (what happened? possibly log traces).

3. Try searching the group for similar questions.

Try to give the reader a feeling that you've already made an effort, but that you are now stuck.

Following this recipe will get questions answered much more quickly. 

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Calabash-Android 0.9.0 released 12/12/16
Looking for a new support channel for Calabash 2.0 Joshua Moody 8/24/15
ANN Calabash 2.0 Joshua Moody 5/16/15
NoMethodError when attempting to resign apk Travis Stull 1/22/17
Unable to read the value from an input field in webview (hybrid app) Bojan Antic 1/19/17
Calabash-android 0.9.0 json conflict Lara Ruffle Coles 1/19/17
flash(uiquery) equivalent to calabash-android? calabash-android user 1/5/17
HTTPClient::KeepAliveDisconnected: (HTTPClient::KeepAliveDisconnected) error on Android calabash test cases Sandeep agrawal 12/26/16
Testing ActionBar in 4.0 David Shah 12/7/16
How to get selected text from calabash-android from list and select option Abhijit Shelar 12/7/16
get_activity_orientation is throwing an error Rama 12/5/16
Touch coordinate failing when content frame displayed (e.g. Google sign in API) Alex Gratke 11/29/16
Few questions about the tool. P. LaStar 11/28/16
Re: Calabash 2.0 DependencyError Joshua Moody 11/28/16
Calabash can not detect pages running in others process (not in main process) Daniel Boy Marpaung 11/28/16
Pruebas para Mobiles Joel Narro 11/25/16
RuntimeError No signature algorithm names found on a calabash build P. LaStar 11/23/16
Entering Text via inputs in webviews (overall dealing with webview querying) Alex Gratke 11/22/16
Problem querying the webview value that has forward slash DineshKumar Ayyavoo 11/21/16
Calabash can not detect all of element in current active screen with query("*") Daniel Boy Marpaung 11/21/16
Setting the GPS location crahes the test server David García 11/18/16
Calabash-android 0.8.4 released 11/7/16
App did not start (RuntimeError) after switching to RBENV from RVM Shahryar Mozumder 11/7/16
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