It is generally a good idea to do a couple things when posting questions:

1. Explain very precisely what you want to do.

2. Explain what you have already tried, and what the results are (what happened? possibly log traces).

3. Try searching the group for similar questions.

Try to give the reader a feeling that you've already made an effort, but that you are now stuck.

Following this recipe will get questions answered much more quickly. 

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Can anybody please tell me how to automate test across multiple devices(same application)? AJAY K R 4/21/17
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Xamarin.Uitest app.Tap() has a different behavior between 2 different phones (Android) 4/19/17
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Calabash android opens the iphone simulator nlol 4/10/17
Calabash-android 0.9.0 json conflict Lara Ruffle Coles 4/5/17
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Front End GUI for Calabash/Cucumber Test Development. Shannon Atkinson 3/2/17
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