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KORUZA grows: World Wide Experiment Mitar 8/27/14
Fwd: 13 years in the making... Sascha Meinrath 12/31/13 Charles N Wyble 12/30/13
Visioneering a socioeconomics research information system Poor Richard 12/12/13
pangaia Mark Rosenblitt-Janssen 12/10/13
A mesh network grows in Oakland... 5 days left to help us bootstrap! Jenny Ryan 7/26/13
Serval Mesh Extenders / Crowd-funding campaign Paul Gardner-Stephen 7/10/13
Just a idea: JScoin BrokenClock 7/10/13
MyZone social network Alireza Mahdian 6/30/13
The "pay it forward approach" to crypto currencies melvincarvalho 6/30/13
IOTA: The Intra-Owner Trade Agreement and Title of Assurance Patrick Anderson 6/17/13
Seeking a Mechanism for Secure Communications During a Crisis tawhuac 3/9/13
Introduction and Collaboration Ideas Curtis Faith 3/9/13
Tatiana Litzow 1/23/13
Re.. Mark Rosenblitt-Janssen 1/21/13
Re: Current Prototyping ? BrowsEarth , Netention , and other related concepts - Synergies ? Poor Richard 10/29/12
( shared ) vision for "distributed database using semantic linked-data structure", and current tool development Dante-Gabryell Monson 10/19/12
OntoWiki? Poor Richard 10/19/12
(shared) Introducing Ubuntu Web Apps: setting the web free of the browser Poor Richard 10/19/12
A Personal Plea to Support the 2012 TMS Conference Jeff Sterling 9/25/12
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