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BubbleWrap is a Ruby Gem which helps wrap commonly used iOS APIs in a friendly ruby-like snuggle blanket.  You're welcome.

The source and issues are available on Github: https://github.com/rubymotion/BubbleWrap

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Dealing with HTTP.get response Johnny Holton 7/23/12
Re: [ANN] BubbleWrap 1.1.2 + stepping down Francis Chong 7/19/12
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specs crash after updating RM Matt Aimonetti 7/15/12
1.1 released Matt Aimonetti 7/11/12
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wrappers to make using Camera, etc easy Jack Dempsey 6/8/12
1.0.0.pre available Matt Aimonetti 6/8/12
files_dependencies fleitz 6/5/12
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Documentation/examples Matt Aimonetti 6/4/12
API similarity James Harton 6/4/12