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BubbleWrap is a Ruby Gem which helps wrap commonly used iOS APIs in a friendly ruby-like snuggle blanket.  You're welcome.

The source and issues are available on Github: https://github.com/rubymotion/BubbleWrap

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Rubymotion rake fails with Stack Level Too Deep Anand Kumar Sankaran 5/8/13
App::Persistence, NSUserDefaults and key mangling Pierrot_de_la_Lune 5/5/13
Capturing Video with the Camera Interface Shawn Cunningham 4/25/13
upload images using BW::HTTP.post? Dan Brooking 3/23/13
Activity indicator during HTTP.get/.post? Dan Brooking 3/6/13
Time to appoint a maintainer? James Harton 12/11/12
Post JSON with BubbleWrap Jonathan Silverman 10/13/12
RSSParser Garrett Johnson 9/25/12
right fork? Chris Lerum 9/24/12
Style Guidelines Dylan Markow 8/15/12
Bubblewrap media - 2 channels? Darren Rogan 8/14/12
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