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Open BSF files in MATLAB btk Jesse Young 8/13/15
Conventional Gait Model Calculations Mathew Schwartz 8/4/15
DevLog 07.2015 Arnaud BARRE 7/30/15
Monthly news about project developments Arnaud BARRE 7/28/15
Cheat sheet for BTK 0.3 into Python Arnaud BARRE 7/22/15
Live Acquisition of FP Data Milosz Krala 7/20/15
Maximum number of event dudas 7/17/15
Development of the biomechanical models in progress Arnaud BARRE 7/4/15
ISBS2015 presentation is now online Arnaud BARRE 7/4/15
BUILD_TOOLS not enabled in cmake installation anymore? Jéssica Abreu 7/2/15
Workshop on BTK and Mokka during the ISBS 2015 congress Arnaud BARRE 6/25/15
The project moved officially to GitHub Arnaud BARRE 6/25/15
Major evolution in the Biomechanical-ToolKit project! Arnaud BARRE 6/25/15
python wrapper fails to install on osx -10 Nicole 6/17/15
mokka software (32 bit) Mehrdad 6/12/15
Import BTK in Anaconda Python Distribution slbarton 5/23/15
Install Python Binding on Mac dudas 5/20/15
Python Saving Event to .c3d dudas 5/19/15
3D analysis of Postural Response during platform perturbations suren 4/3/15
btk on Mac OS 10.10. Tests fail Keyan 3/23/15
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