Welcome to the Browser Capability Project group, the home of the "browscap.ini" files.

Stable (5030) site
The latest stable version is available from If your application still uses "" URLs, please update your links as per the information at :)

Note that the has been disabled. You must update your applications to point at the URLs available from More information here.

Missing User Agents, Browsers, Bots etc.

Please report missing user agents on our GitHub issue tracker. Tell us some example UA strings that aren't being matched, what browser/bot/etc. it's supposed to be, and we can add them in.

If you know JSON and want to help...

If you understand JSON and the Browscap JSON schema, fork the INI generation tool, add the UA strings into the JSON files yourself. Generate your own browscap.ini, test it, and send us a pull request :)

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