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JoyceGeek's "Don't Panic: It's Only Finnegans Wake". Zachary Bos 7/2/15
Happy Bloomsday All! Stephanie Nelson 6/16/15
Finnegans Tomorrow? Nicole Depolo 6/5/15
Fwd: Finnegans Wake becomes a hit book in China Zachary Bos 5/31/15
tomorrow Stephanie Nelson 5/29/15
Next Attempt Robert Morris 5/22/15
Finnegained? Robert Morris 5/16/15
Tomorrow at 5: FW Reunion! Zachary Bos 5/8/15
Finnegans in the Globe Robert Morris 3/24/15
James Joyce: Cat Fancier Zachary Bos 3/17/15
Apologies Stephanie Nelson 12/11/14
December schedule sean 11/24/14
ANYONE FOR FINNEFUN? Nicole Depolo 11/13/14
Fwd: Thunderword FINALE Stephanie Nelson 11/6/14
Fwd: Adam: the Eighth Thunder Stephanie Nelson 10/29/14
James Joyce playing the piano with his son, Paris,1938 Zachary Bos 10/29/14
Fwd: Adam: number seven Stephanie Nelson 10/26/14
Fwd: Adam Harvey: T-word #6 Stephanie Nelson 10/25/14
RE: FW-BOSTON At the pub thursday? Patricia L 10/23/14
At the pub thursday? sean 10/22/14
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