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[job] Full stack engineer at Gamalon (AI, NLP) 3/26/18
Functional Programming Job Board Alex Mesropians 11/7/17
[job] Clojure-related backend systems software engineer at Yieldbot 9/11/17
Let's kick around some ideas for future meetups Mark Champine 11/10/16
[Hiring] Building clinical trial software with Clojure/ClojureScript 10/20/16
Clojure.spec Mark Champine 8/12/16
Charting examples needed for Clojure Meetup Mark Champine 3/7/16
Advent Of Code Mark Champine 12/16/15
Slides from meetup talk tonight: Native Mobile Apps with Clojure(Script) Chris Vermilion 9/10/15
Full data set from August Dojo puzzle Mark Champine 8/14/15
[Hiring] Looking for folks to build a mobile enterprise dev platform in Clojure/ClojureScript Chris Vermilion 6/12/15
Subject: Looking for a few Clojure-minded colleagues 6/9/15
Where should I post about Clojure jobs? Paul G 5/22/15
Light Table hack night January 28 cldwalker 1/24/15
Looking for help to teach an Intro to Clojure workshop at end of January Paul Lam 1/15/15
Micha Niskin - Boot Build Tooling Mark Champine 12/18/14
Meetup feedback Mark Champine 10/2/14
Want to work with Clojurescript? Come take on the PR industry with us! Paul Lam 8/21/14
Workshop for September Meetup? Paul Lam 8/15/14
Matasano BASE64 Mark Champine 8/15/14
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