Boo Programming Language

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Presented with no context... Mason Wheeler 5/10/18
Sizeof can't be reliably determined at compile time Mason Wheeler 3/2/18
IQueryable<T>, Support for Linq expressions in SQL and ORM - is it here or not nightwatch77 1/25/18
Which runtimes does Boo work with? .NET Core unclear to me Matthias Kauer 12/29/17
Upper case e Lower case Boo Mayara Ferreira 12/29/17
Icon support Mason Wheeler 12/17/17
Slow compilation under debug nightwatch77 11/18/17
Receiver functions (inspired by Kotlin) 10/19/17
Interesting research on memory management Mason Wheeler 8/22/17
DeserializeObject Jim Lewis 8/17/17
Unity finally upgrades! Mason Wheeler 7/11/17
Async will require a higher framework version Mason Wheeler 6/3/17
Contributing to Boo 5/23/17
Updating the Travis CI build machine Mason Wheeler 5/23/17
Why is it an error to use the 'isa' and 'as' operators with value types? Mason Wheeler 5/13/17
New User - No Setter Ken Singleton 4/4/17
Bad result from CallableResolutionService Mason Wheeler 3/28/17
KISS Spencer Ball 1/23/17
New CCI-conversion branch Mason Wheeler 1/21/17
String splicing implementation Mason Wheeler 11/23/16
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