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New compiler-performance branch Mason Wheeler 7/4/16
Feature parity Mason Wheeler 7/1/16
MacroStatement Hash? Isak Andersson 6/9/16
What's up with Boo.Lang.Compiler.Util.Set<T> ? Mason Wheeler 6/9/16
Feature Request: IEnumerator Interpreter Isak Andersson 6/9/16
Interpolation in AST quasiquotes Mason Wheeler 5/22/16
Proposal: Chained Comparisons Mason Wheeler 5/3/16
Embedding Boo ExaPhaser Industries 5/3/16
I think I broke the repository... Mason Wheeler 4/22/16
Major changes in the .NET ecosystem Mason Wheeler 4/21/16
Compiler performance Mason Wheeler 4/18/16
Thoughts on meta methods, reification, and macro expanding Mason Wheeler 4/16/16
Get the inferred type of a DeclarationStatement in a macro Isak Andersson 3/22/16
Suggestion: Typed macros Mason Wheeler 3/21/16
Macros relying on results of other macros Isak Andersson 3/17/16
initialising a char James Caska 3/16/16
Should the AST include a comment node? Mason Wheeler 3/16/16
Is the 1.0 version coming to Unity when it's done? 3/15/16
Sphinx Boo Lexer James Caska 2/27/16
Microsoft purchases Xamarin Mason Wheeler 2/24/16
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