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Booktype 2.1 is released Daniel James 8/4/16
conversion tools Andre Castro 7/1/15
Realtime with websockets Ville Jyrkkä 12/17/14
Could use mysql with book type by simple way? grid qian 9/18/14
Re: Wheel for Booktype dependencies? Aco Erkalovic 9/5/14
Using bookjs David Bau 7/16/14
OS X Mavericks and BookJS Johannes Wilm 10/22/13
Issues with Booktype branch 2.0 Marieke Guy 10/1/13
FYI - canvas pixel density Johannes Wilm 7/2/13
word index implemented Johannes Wilm 6/25/13
Using BookJS with CSS Regions in the editor, experiences from Fidus Writer Johannes Wilm 6/21/13
word index Johannes Wilm 6/11/13
margin notes Johannes Wilm 6/8/13
Inkling Habitat going WYSIWYG Johannes Wilm 5/30/13
IE9 testing Johannes Wilm 5/29/13
Opera and CSS Regions Johannes Wilm 5/28/13
several references to same footnote/endnote Johannes Wilm 5/27/13
move cursor -- was resolved in chrome last night Johannes Wilm 5/27/13
potential news for the PDF renderer Johannes Wilm 5/6/13
font loading now throws an event Johannes Wilm 4/30/13
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