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Musings on I18N Tim Ward 9:41 AM
DTO complex types and extra annotations (javax.validation, javax.persistence, ...) Wai Keung Yiu Man Lung 1/20/17
Problem to install bndtool plugin in eclipse Sólon Soares 1/19/17
Transactions support using Declarative services Deepak Tyagi 1/17/17
Automatic updates for bundle jars and eclipse m2e incremental build Matteo Rulli 1/17/17
Debug DS within an Eclipse e4 Applications via a bndtools launcher Jon Passki 1/12/17
Debug from eclipse and bnd-testing-maven-plugin Matteo Rulli 1/11/17
"cnf does not exist" building Scala projects Dan Gravell 1/9/17
OSGi enRoute project with bndtools 3.4 dev? 1/9/17
Errors when trying to set up for bndtools development 1/9/17
bndtools & maven Gadi Eichhorn 1/5/17
Cannot build jax-rs-whiteboard Marc Schlegel 1/4/17
repository.xml increment value Przemysław Wesołek 1/3/17
Resolving giving different failures on restart Dan Gravell 12/24/16
Creating a Bnd Workspace offline. Eddie Chow 12/21/16
runbundles gradle task is trying to copy JARs from my workspace Dan Gravell 12/19/16
Custom exporters (or just custom Gradle builds) Dan Gravell 12/18/16
Failed to include native libs in jar Arne Plöse 12/15/16
A second: Unable to resolve <<INITIAL>> version=null: Arne Plöse 12/15/16
Disable projects in a bndtools workspace Christophe Paris 12/15/16
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