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Releasing the enRoute way David Leangen 5/27/15
Default JRE Container Warning David Leangen 5/26/15
remote.agent dynamic import Gregory Amerson 5/25/15
An internal error occurred during: "Launching launch.bndrun". java.lang.NullPointerException Francesco Alesiani 5/21/15
Bundle selection rules and repo best practices Matt Butler 5/20/15
Unexpected results with repo configuration Matt Butler 5/19/15
bndtools 2.4.0 M1 Too many Eclipse source sets defined, bnd project can have at most 2 Adam Purkiss 5/18/15
Any explicit -runrepos specification prevents JPM dependency resolution ro6 5/1/15
Is there a way to add a bundle to the bnd.bnd build path for use in testing only? Bill Phillips 4/30/15
[bnd-maven-plugin] packaging in reactor-build must be triggered twice Marc Schlegel 4/30/15
bnd-maven-plugin build zip resource Stephen Kahmann 4/29/15
A few more gradle script questions Bill Phillips 4/28/15
Canout resolve whiteboard 4/27/15
integrating bndtools gradle with existing gradle multi-project build Bill Phillips 4/25/15
Cannot build from source Marc Schlegel 4/21/15
bnd-maven-plugin in combination with Maven Tycho Dirk Fauth 4/21/15
BndTools - Best build tool : Maven or Gradle | Felix Maven Bundle plugin supports 2.3 only 4/14/15
Prevent bnd from generating metatype <Designate> element ro6 4/13/15
bnd gradle build fail 4/11/15
WAR packaging Stephen Kahmann 4/10/15
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