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Separate Source Bundles John Edgar 1/22/18
OSGi and JPA with Bndtools 1/19/18 require cap with strange version spoils bundle resolution Matteo Rulli 1/18/18
Exclude file types from generated jar Thomas Driessen 1/10/18
Add project nature to project on import Thomas Driessen 1/8/18
build with gradle and mockito 12/30/17
Share resolution specific config between workspace? Clément Delgrange 12/22/17
Why Bnd does not generate Capability and Requirement for all the framework Headers? Clément Delgrange 12/22/17
bnd gradle export of directory instead of jar Jürgen Albert 12/20/17
Apache Karaf and bndtools Christian Schneider 12/11/17
bndtools native lib resolving problem Arvid 12/11/17
Cannot load native library in ARM lemongrass 12/5/17
Launching resolved runtime form Java code Milen Dyankov 12/1/17
How to use grizzly with enroute MrMiyagi 12/1/17
MavenBndRepository and WebDav Clément Delgrange 11/20/17
Maven + Bnd(Tools), Launching & Indexer workflow Simon Chemouil 11/17/17
[Plugin-Dev] ${user;KEY} macro Frank Rosenberger 11/10/17
Launching Runtime Eclipse Instance With bndtools? Jon Passki 10/29/17
Effective OSGi website Certificate paulf 10/28/17
p2 repository in the local file system Dirk Fauth 10/27/17
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