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Dependency on plain java project (not OSGi bundle) Eli Jordan 5:03 PM
Is there a way to keep double quote into exported packages ? Gael C 10/8/15
Disappearing imports Benson Margulies 10/8/15
Source code for bundles from repository Christian Schneider 10/8/15
@Reference multi binding & dynamics Ferry Huberts 10/7/15
Release 3.0 Peter Kriens 10/7/15
Bndtools, including an file into OSGi bundle Bleza TAKOUDA 10/6/15
Suggestion for small change in run bnd source presentation paulf 10/5/15
setting a local index.xml file in bnd.bnd David Daniel 10/4/15
Difference between .bnd file and .bndrun file David Daniel 10/2/15
BndTask confusing error logging Adam Morgan 10/1/15
adding bndtools nature squashing build.xml file Adam Morgan 10/1/15
The Open Type function of Eclipse shows found classes twice klhmeyer 10/1/15
Bndtools, Maven, and Eclipse Tristan Bull 9/30/15
Question: Why isn't @Reference used for OSGI testing? John Livingston 9/28/15
Templates in Bndtools 3.1.0 CI build Sean Bright 9/26/15
BndTools Export problem : launch.bundles (Export feature/export button) 9/23/15
Question about DS component configuration David Leangen 9/23/15
Access properties from subprojects' .bnd files in gradle Elias Vasylenko 9/23/15
How to package OSGi subsystems with bndtools? Eli Jordan 9/22/15
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