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Is there a way to suppress the DS 1.3 osgi.extender header generation Peter Kirschner 2:35 AM
Pax Tinybundles 3.0.0 released with support for bnd 3.5.0 Christian Schneider 10/19/17
Errors running builder 'Bndtools Builder' on project on Windows 10 Oleg Cohen 10/17/17
Error when re-deploying multiple bundles into Karaf Oleg Cohen 10/17/17
bndtools 3.5.0 is using bnd_version 3.4.0 Pierre De Rop 10/13/17
Questions about enRoute authentication and authorisation David Leangen 10/13/17
releasing to multiple repos Pierre De Rop 10/1/17
Watching changes to the filesystem David Leangen 9/27/17
Re: Usage of remote OBR Bram Pouwelse 9/26/17
export bndrun missing bundles Bryan Hunt 9/20/17
bundrun based executable jar - 'ClassNotFoundException: sun.misc.Unsafe' at runtime Milen Dyankov 9/19/17
Augment bundle with both requirement and capability Milen Dyankov 9/19/17
Build, run and package from CLI an OSGi Felix project Vincenzo Mighali 9/18/17
Bnd/Bndtools build 3.5.0.RC1 build now available BJ Hargrave 9/18/17
resolve priorities Milen Dyankov 9/18/17
When will bnd 3.4.0 final be ready? Christian Schneider 9/15/17
bnd-indexer-plugin: How to work with two versions of the same bundle? Christian Schneider 9/15/17
OSGI subsystem export Clément Delgrange 9/14/17
bnd on sdkman Dominik Przybysz 9/12/17
Creating custom require annotations Christian Schneider 9/6/17
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