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Baseline vs. MavenBndRepository or BndPomRepository Sascha Homeier 12/2/16
Warning with m-bundle-p when using split-package directive Nick Stolwijk 12/1/16
Apache Karaf and bndtools Christian Schneider 11/30/16
How to decrypt resolution result error ? Clément Delgrange 11/28/16
Gradle: Disable source compilation for particular folder Przemysław Wesołek 11/28/16
DS & Concurrency Peter Kriens 11/24/16
Run myapp.bndrun from maven Florian Pirchner 11/23/16
Strange error in maven build "Default handler for Launcher-Plugin not found in biz.aQute.launcher" Christian Schneider 11/23/16
Converting an existing project to use bnd{,tools} Robert Munteanu 11/23/16
[enRoute] Where is the Service Mediator? David Leangen 11/22/16
Fail to Run OSGi, bndtools cache problem? Christer Larsson 11/18/16
Bndtools, Eclipse, Maven GOGLE YOTUBE 11/17/16
Resolver strategy when there are api, impl, and all bundles? Christer Larsson 11/17/16
How to automate bndtools builds GOGLE YOTUBE 11/10/16
Creating a Bnd Workspace offline. Eddie Chow 11/9/16
Per-project repositories Przemysław Wesołek 11/8/16
How to create an annotation for a service property? Christian Schneider 11/7/16
Re: Dependency management with Gradle Tim Ward 11/3/16
Custom exporters (or just custom Gradle builds) Dan Gravell 11/2/16
'-jvm: -javaagent:'/tmp/jacoco/jacocoagent.jar=destfile=${basedir}/target/jacoco/test.exec' ignored for gradle build 11/2/16
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