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Getting bndtools/Eclipse to do less? Mark Raynsford 4/23/18
Programatically adding Provides-Capability entries via code Mark Derricutt 4/19/18
adding project templates: documentation and/or tutorials/examples? Scott Lewis 4/18/18
Release bundles without source included paulf 4/18/18
Customizing a gradle workspace build (changing the manifest) 4/15/18
BndMavenPlugin deploy to OSGi Repository Stefan Bischof 4/3/18
[osgi-dev] Build issue when wrapping a jar David Leangen 3/27/18
Including plain jars as Bnd dependencies Fr Jeremy Krieg 3/26/18
Bundle not assembling Fr Jeremy Krieg 3/26/18
R7 combine with @org.osgi.annotation.bundle.Requirement or @org.osgi.annotation.bundle.Capability Stefan Bischof 3/23/18
JarFile to Resource? Mark Raynsford 3/22/18
How to Get OSGi R7 Bundles Into Central Repository 3/5/18
Launch Configuration rest-service-test References Non-Existing Project cnf 3/2/18
R7 Postges Example Doesn't Work Without JsonpConvertingPlugin 2/28/18
404 from JAX-RS Resource 2/26/18
enroute 2.1.0 MrMiyagi 2/23/18
How to use grizzly with enroute MrMiyagi 2/23/18
Configure location of .bnd folder Peter Kirschner 2/22/18
Trouble Building rest-app-jpa in Postges Example 2/15/18
Remote Debug Launcher Non-Deterministically Hangs On Connection Jon Passki 2/15/18
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