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Resolve failure Bryan Hunt 9:32 AM
Provide credential for the biz.aQute.bnd command line tools Clément Delgrange 8/21/17
Generate markdown configuration from metatype xml Dominik Przybysz 8/20/17
Signing process to deploy to Nexus Clément Delgrange 8/18/17
Strange behaviour of bnd-export-maven-plugin 3.4.0 rc3 Christian Schneider 8/18/17
Creating custom require annotations Christian Schneider 8/18/17
Gogo shell with equinox Milen Dyankov 8/14/17
Use Template or Copy paulf 8/12/17
[3.4 RC2] Repository not updated automatically Marc Schlegel 8/6/17
Bnd 3.4 Macro expansion error Dave Smith 8/3/17
osgi.service Required-/Provided-Capability no longer generated Arnoud Glimmerveen 7/27/17
Help wanted for supporting Java 9 Ben Evans 7/25/17
Contribute macros externally? Toni Menzel 7/21/17
3.4.0.RC3 build now available BJ Hargrave 7/19/17
Questions about Continuous Deployment and OSGi Specs David Leangen 7/18/17
Trouble with bndlib and scr David Leangen 7/17/17
TestOSGi task with subbundled test code Josiah Smith 7/17/17
Improving Maven-Repositories Marc Schlegel 7/17/17
Unable to execute the bnd command 'package' anymore Peter Kirschner 7/16/17
@ProviderType David Leangen 7/15/17
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