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How to use the pom dependencies in bndrun in 3.4.0 Christian Schneider 6/24/17
TestOSGi task with subbundled test code Josiah Smith 6/23/17
Setting up for baselining for a non-workspace project 6/23/17
Can I stop eclipse bndtools and gradle build conflicting? 6/23/17
Deployment (or not) of API-only bundles David Leangen 6/22/17
Bundle loading order - Jersey service John Doe 6/22/17
Any advice for debugging REALLY long OSGI integration test launches? Gerald Runion 6/22/17
Semantic Versioning and Bundle-Versions Sascha Homeier 6/22/17
Automating version bumping David Leangen 6/22/17
Enable / disable Repository? David Leangen 6/21/17
@ProviderType David Leangen 6/21/17
Using Kotlin in Bndtools Przemysław Wesołek 6/21/17
Import bndtools projects into eclipse Todor Boev 6/20/17
Questions about Continuous Deployment and OSGi Specs David Leangen 6/20/17
How do I keep track of what was built together once published to a repository? 6/16/17
Controlling release type from gradle command line? 6/16/17
Is it possible to make referenced OSGi service constrained with timeout? Umesh Rajani 6/15/17
An attempt to simplify basic modularity for Maven users Milen Dyankov 6/14/17
BndTools Export problem : launch.bundles (Export feature/export button) 6/14/17
Gradle build and Maven Repositories David Leangen 6/8/17
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