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Integration with bndtools 2.3.0 + mockito-all 1.9.5 wiring issue Bram 4:17 AM
New builder (3.0 HEAD) will build entire workspace when Bnd test launcher is run Dave 3/25/15
not linked with a Java project Bryan Hunt 3/24/15
How does one launch a run configuration from code? Dave 3/24/15
FrameworkEvent STARTED is not happening Dave 3/20/15
Gradle support for non-Workspaces users BJ Hargrave 3/19/15
What do new warnings (no test folder and no entry uses bin_test) mean? Dave 3/17/15
Fragment Bundles with bndtools Kamesh Sampath 3/16/15
@Version as discouraged access Kamesh Sampath 3/16/15
Equinox Console with bndtools Kamesh Sampath 3/16/15
tools.jar on classpath for jpm installed cmds? Gregory Amerson 3/16/15
Developing a static application with bndtools & eclipse debugger hot code replacement Christoph Caks 3/16/15
How to get multiple references using bndtools Sriram Reddy 3/10/15
Access JPM4J bundles by filename in Gradle Dave 3/9/15
Attaching Source and JavaDoc to third party bundles Jack Condor 3/8/15
New builder performance Bryan Hunt 3/5/15
Singleton immediate component "unsatisfied" ro6 3/5/15
Source attachment of repository bundle is not found automatically during debug in some conditions klhmeyer 3/5/15
BndTools 2.4.1 - Cannot start OSGi-Framework from Run-Descriptor Marc Schlegel 3/5/15
Error: Cannot index JpmRepository... Shas did not match ro6 3/4/15
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