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realistic bnd-testing-maven-plugin example? djencks 4:41 PM
Workingsets in Bndtools pkriens 4:54 AM
MavenBndRepository vs BndPomRepository & Compile vs Runtime dependencies Clément Delgrange 4/19/17
What happened to the Jpm4j repository ? Clément Delgrange 4/19/17
Bnd fails to generate import package for exported package Bram 4/18/17
DS Annotations with BND Jens Kübler 4/15/17
Maven transitive dependencies Jens Kübler 4/15/17
Running e4 RCP application with bndtools 4/13/17
dependency ranges in pom AND adding p2 repository Jörg Wille 4/10/17
Karaf 4.1.1 and Remote Agent Oleg Cohen 4/7/17
Resolve group and name in Gradle non-workspace build Marc Schlegel 4/4/17
Saving time more effectively with the aQute.bnd.repository.p2.provider.P2Repository cache Elias Vasylenko 4/3/17
bnd 'gradle :dist:build' fail because 'aQute.libg-3.2.0.jar' cannot be donwloaded. 3/31/17
Writing Gogo Commands Peter Kriens 3/27/17
Spring and JPA plugins Milen Dyankov 3/27/17
Transaction-Control-Service and Class-Identities after redeploy Marc Schlegel 3/20/17
Unable to configure akka framework in OSGi environment. Kulbhushan Chaskar 3/19/17
[BND 3.4.0-DEV] new tasks "resolve/runbundles" broken? Marc Schlegel 3/19/17
Scala support in Gradle-Plugin Marc Schlegel 3/15/17
Using Libraries in JUnit tests 3/13/17
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