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Add an external source folder Aurélien Mora 9:05 AM
Reliability of integration tests (again) 3:23 AM
In a ".test" project, Test classes have to be called "SomethingTest?" 8/24/16
bnd-export-maven-plugin Milen Dyankov 8/24/16
Application export as standalone zip Tobias Niehues 8/23/16
Resolution fails for all projects Niels Schröter 8/23/16
requirements added by code in Conditional-Package Ferry Huberts 8/23/16
Launching a custom Java-class before starting the OSGi framework and during integration test Pratik Mehta 8/22/16
Changes to resolution? David Leangen 8/22/16
Why widening generic method parameter counts as major API change? Przemysław Wesołek 8/22/16
enRoute's Quick Start Tutorial Error Νίκος Αγγελίδης 8/22/16
Bndtools unable to download snapshot version from Artifactory using MavenBndRepository Pratik Mehta 8/19/16
Bndtools Builder disappeared Niels Schröter 8/18/16
Declarative Services: Manually Defined? Bryan Hunt 8/17/16
workspace template? Bryan Hunt 8/16/16
Bndtools Template Create and Use Technique paulf 8/16/16
component activation yasin motcu 8/15/16
Parameterise gradle release 8/14/16
DTOs David Leangen 8/12/16
Killing a config David Leangen 8/12/16
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