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Failed to start bundle org.apache.felix.scr-2.0.6 Dixie Sebastian 6:39 PM
Adding a run requirement to a bndrun file - "missing requirement" Dan Gravell 8:47 AM
Can I set the CACHE dir '$(home)/.bnd/urlcache/...' for gradle-build. 7:26 AM
[OSGi-general] Bundle bootstrapping Dan Gravell 7:08 AM
project templates Bryan Hunt 7:00 AM
Bnd and Bndtools 3.3 has been released! BJ Hargrave 9/26/16
Consensus in osgi. David Daniel 9/26/16
Confused about Framework Launch paulf 9/26/16
How to use BndPomRepository in standalone mode? Christian Schneider 9/24/16
CXF-DOSGi 2.0.0 available now including bndtools support Christian Schneider 9/23/16
Why does my bundle think it needs version 1.4 of 9/23/16
Where are "Central" sourced JARs downloaded to? Dan Gravell 9/22/16
"cnf does not exist" building Scala projects Dan Gravell 9/22/16
gradle: Cannot set property 'project' on null object 9/20/16
Added remote, common dependencies to -buildpath Dan Gravell 9/19/16
What's a "workspace template"? Dan Gravell 9/19/16
compile-only and "library" like bundle Clément Delgrange 9/19/16
By default, ~/.bnd/settings.xml not read, like documentation implies? 9/19/16
Can't get the "Release Bundles" GUI to work 9/19/16
Tracking down a surprising Import-Package Benson Margulies 9/17/16
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