Blooming Saint Paul Gardening Swap

Welcome to the Blooming Saint Paul Garden Swap!  

     Feel free to post what plants you have to swap and what plants you want for planting in your


Keep the following in mind when posting:

-          Use the plant name in the entry title

-          Please remember to list varieties of plants, if you can.  The more
specific you are the more helpful this will be to you and other

-          List numbers of plants and size, where it is applicable

-          Swap members must work out their own drop-off and pick-up of plants,
seeds, etc.  We recommend a neutral site

-          Keep your posts to the topic at hand: swapping plants and gardening

-          If you would like to make a plant donation to the City of Saint Paul/Blooming
      Saint Paul, click here:

-          This site is brought to you by Blooming Saint Paul, an
interdepartmental program of the City of Saint Paul, and it will be
monitored from time to time


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mark Granlund, Arts and
Gardens Coordinator,
Thanks for making Saint Paul beautiful!

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