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Welcome to the BitCurator users mailing list! This list serves the communities for the BitCurator Project, the BitCurator Access Project, and the BitCurator Consortium. This is the place to post questions, discuss issues with the project and development staff, and request features and updates.
The contents of the list are public, but email privileges are available only to members (approved individually by a BitCurator team member).

You can also find us at: (news and background info)
BitCurator Access Wiki (support, downloads, and docs for our current Mellon-funded development work)
BitCurator Environment Wiki (support, downloads, and docs for the VM)

Ongoing development of the BitCurator environment is driven (and funded) by the community. If you're on this list and use BitCurator regularly, consider becoming part of the BitCurator Consortium!

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Error on startup in Virtual Box Chuck Patch 8/19/16
Error running fiwalk Jessica Breiman 8/18/16
Using BitCurator with AV files Jessica Breiman 8/17/16
Encoding format question Victoria Maches 8/10/16
New (Archives) Professionals Survey from the ICA - Deadline August 12th! Ulrich Tibaut Houzanme 8/9/16
Torrent option for the VM and Live ISO Kam Woods 8/8/16
IMG files Marisa Bruhns 8/2/16
connecting to server- password needed Alston Brake 7/28/16
BitCurator 1.7.26 VM and Live ISO released Kam Woods 7/23/16
Virus Use case Lauren Work 7/22/16
issues when mounting an disk image (AFF, Exx ) formats Y H 7/21/16
USB mounting to Ubuntu host OS, not VM Muriel Green 7/17/16
BitCurator 1.7.22 Virtual Machine and Live ISO released Kam Woods 7/14/16
Call for Born Digital Processing Case Studies Sam Meister 6/27/16
ISO9660 directory names 6/27/16
Forensics tools for disk image / individual directory Y H 6/22/16
Disk Image Error: No Files Detected Brad San Martin 6/12/16
Invalid Encoding of Directories and Files Jarrett Drake 6/12/16
Trying to set up a workflow - Disk Images and extraction Dainan Skeem 5/31/16
recursive directory selection within BitCurator Disk Image Access tool? Shawn 5/30/16
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