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Welcome to the BitCurator users mailing list! This list serves the communities for the BitCurator Project, the BitCurator Access Project, and the BitCurator Consortium. This is the place to post questions, discuss issues with the project and development staff, and request features and updates.
The contents of the list are public, but email privileges are available only to members (approved individually by a BitCurator team member).

You can also find us at:
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Development of the BitCurator environment is community supported and community funded. Organizations can provide support by joining the BitCurator Consortium.

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Results differing between OSs Tracy P. 10/27/17
The Archivist's Guide to the KryoFlux, comment period closes Nov. 1 Dorothy Waugh 10/23/17
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BitCurator Mixer at DLF/DigiPres 2017 Laura Alagna 10/16/17
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