Birmingham Hack Space

Enjoy creating your own stuff? Do you like to learn new skills and get ideas? Want to make bigger, better, faster or cooler things?

Then fizzPOP: The Birmingham Makerspace is the place for you.

Described as the garden shed workshop of your dreams, fizzPOP it is whatever you want it to be. As a member-run, member-funded and member-led workshop & studio fizzPOP is where the Birmingham maker community shares knowledge, tools and creativity.

Our makerspace is run on a non-profit basis to serve the creative interests of members and non-members alike. Whether you’re interested in crafting, electronics, woodwork, metalwork, knitting, sewing, programming, prototyping, gadget modification, robotics, or nearly anything else, we have the kind of tools you don’t generally have room for at home.

Relying on donations and our membership model to keep the space going and to get all the tools that members want access to.

fizzPOP: The Birmingham Makerspace is based in Digbeth, at 90 Floodgate Street. Members have 24/7 access to the space, via their swipe card, and we also have open evenings every Wednesday from 7pm, where members and non-members can work on their projects and get a feel for what a Makerspace is all about. get intuch on our website, Twitter feed or Facebook page.

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