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SurgeonX – SurgeonX Brian Degger 11/11/16
Pictures of BioStrike results Pieter van Boheemen 10/15/15
iChip - New antibiotics discovery by screening uncultivable microrganisms Michele Cacciapuoti 8/19/15
HELLO! Brian Degger 7/10/15
BioStrike on GitHub and some updates Denisa Kera 6/30/14
BioStrike @ FutureEverything Pieter van Boheemen 3/24/14
Tel-Aviv BioStrike Game Kickoff [BioStrike] [BioLab] Erez Simon 2/20/14
Biostrike Newsletter N.1 and call for action Denisa Kera 2/18/14
User Interaction Design for BioStrike Erez Simon 2/12/14
Fwd: [DIYbio] Disc diffusion assay of our first fungal endophyte fermentation crude extract Cathal Garvey 2/6/14
Protocol... Brian Degger 1/30/14
Call for action, or 3, 2, 1, action! Erez Simon 1/20/14
Help Identify New Antibiotics at Home with The ILIAD Project Patrik D'haeseleer 12/11/13
More pictures of BioStrike Pieter van Boheemen 12/10/13
citizen science and antibiotics Denisa Kera 11/24/13
Microbiology at Home: A Short Non-Laboratory Manual for Enthusiasts and BioArtists 11/5/13
Summary October 2013 Denisa Kera 11/3/13
BioStrike article in next issue of BioCoder? Patrik D'haeseleer 11/3/13
Actinomycetes isolation Pieter van Boheemen 11/1/13
Fwd: actinomycetes tournament & open drug discovery (initial group-mail discussion) Martin Malthe Borch 10/31/13
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