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Can Bcurious use centrifuges? Mark L 9/28/15
Lab closed...floor wet with polish Shashank Goel 9/26/15
5mL syringes 9/24/15
Geektoberfest (promo code inside) Eri Gentry 9/21/15
Article: Spurring Investments And Innovation In Agriculture Eri Gentry 9/20/15
2 Awesome Hands on Classes at BioCurious: Cheese and Sauerkraut Tito 9/19/15
Help the BioCurious iGEM team by taking a quick survey 9/19/15
Re: Shashank Goel 9/18/15
37 Shaking Incubator Kyle Taylor 9/18/15
HELP: Need EcoRI and PstI TODAY! Rikke 9/17/15
Fwd: [Microscopy] Used LEO/Zeiss SEM for sale or possible donation, LEO1450VP, circa 2000 Nathan McCorkle 9/17/15
Clontech free samples! Marc Juul 9/15/15
Fwd: We’re looking for tomorrow’s math and science visionaries Eric Harness 9/14/15
Project to improve GMO safety Lou 9/14/15
Events, Classes, and iGEM 9/11/15
Fwd: Fridge Freezer clean out 9/5/2015 Eric Harness 9/7/15
Mars BioResearch Jeff Dillon 9/6/15
Starter Project Andrew Gibiansky 9/6/15
Announcing GEEKTOBERFEST: A celebration of bio and beer, 10/1 @ The Tech, brought to you by BioCurious Eri Gentry 9/5/15
Fwd: 5-For-1 Microbiome Kit Offer Returns For Labor Day Patrik D'haeseleer 9/5/15
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