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Two events tomorrow, Saturday August 19th at BioCurious, spread the word! 8/18/17
Hydrophobic coating for plastics? Marc Juul 8/14/17
Gene sequencing of solid tumors sheds light on cancer metastasis Ryan Vitug-Gavieres 8/10/17
SOCOM Challenge Lou 8/10/17
Fwd: EU-funded postdoctoral appointment offer at Elvesys Microfluidic innovation center (Paris) Patrik D'haeseleer 8/10/17
Fwd: B.Next blog - BioQuest Eri Gentry 8/8/17
New working groups at BioCurious 8/5/17
Bioprinting Maker Day Tickets, Sat, Aug 26, 2017 at 10:00 AM | Eventbrite Innokenti 8/4/17
Re: [BioCurious Members] Fun card game to teach kids chemistry! Eri Gentry 8/3/17
Excellent Synthetic Biology podcast Marc Juul 7/31/17
Journal of Emerging Investigators Innokenti 7/31/17
Re: [BioCurious Members] Cheer your BioCurious peer on! 7/31/17
Bio-design showcase and Orbella party Antony Evans 7/31/17
Great article about lab etiquette 7/29/17
Challenge: Extracting Macromolecules Lou 7/25/17
Tuesday stop by for some Networking! 7/15/17
Second Annual BioHack The Planet 7/12/17
Biohack the Planet - Biohacker Conference in Oakland, CA - August 25 and 26 Josiah Zayner 7/10/17
Upcoming sequencing classes at BioCurious 7/5/17
Supreme Court speeds copycat biologic drugs to market | Reuters Eri Gentry 6/13/17
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