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This week at BioCurious 3/2/15
Join the 2015 Bay Area DIY Bio iGEM team! 2/28/15
Upcoming at BioCurious 2/25/15
Use of the Bio-safety Hood Eric Harness 2/23/15
LHC 2 Nikola Iliev Nikolov 2/20/15
Fwd: Sequencer Patrik D'haeseleer 2/18/15
Re: [CCL] MakerFaire Patrik D'haeseleer 2/15/15
Wireless Monitor Study Anitha Bodepudi 2/12/15
Nonlinear excitations in biomolecules Nikola Iliev Nikolov 2/11/15
-20o C freezer Innokenti 2/10/15
QuEBS 2015: Workshop on Quantum Effects in Biological Systems/ 29 June - 2 July 2015, in Florence, Italy Nikola Iliev Nikolov 2/10/15
Valentine's Day Nikola Iliev Nikolov 2/10/15
Upcoming at BioCurious 2/10/15
Fwd: YOU'RE INVITED to VLAB: Gut-Feeling -- Ventures into the Microbiome Eri Gentry 2/9/15
Interesting news Neil Bhatt 2/8/15
Biomimicry Global Food Design Challenge Eri Gentry 2/5/15
Need help finding people for QA and QE positions Gwen 2/3/15
Film crew in lab Monday and Tuesday 1/31/15
Community meeting 1/30/15
Awesome citizen science project: Drugs from Dirt Patrik D'haeseleer 1/29/15
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