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DropSynth - Gene Synthesis Innokenti 4/14/18
Some fellowship opportunities 4/12/18
Mozilla Fellowship 3/26/18
Good Luck to all Science Fair Students 3/14/18
Science Fair Practice Poster Session 3/3/18
Fwd: Live Webinar: How to use CRISPR-Cas9 for knockout, knock-in and gene activation Eric Harness 2/25/18
Business of BioTech Class on Saturday, February 24 Innokenti 2/23/18
Business of BioTech Class! 2/17/18
Fwd: Use Your Brain Power to Hack Habenula: Register Today! 2/15/18
Blue light box Eric Harness 2/11/18
Call for stories! When Citizens Do Science: Stories from Labs, Garages, and Beyond. 2/4/18
Has anyone heard of this group? 1/30/18
Upcoming classes this weekend at BioCurious 1/26/18
Fwd: [Idea-to-IPO] M 1/22 Latest Innovations in AgTech (hosted by Google Launch Pad) 6 pm to 9 pm S.F. Innokenti 1/20/18
Giving away giant shaker Zauberkugel 1/17/18
Fwd: Can you help me find a gene jockey with experience with methanogenic archaea? Eric Harness 1/16/18
Fwd: Trial size Monoclonal Antibody samples Eric Harness 1/8/18
The Rise of Citizen BioScience! 1/6/18
Fwd: Hacker Happy Hour - January 9th Eric Harness 1/1/18
Happy New Years from BioCurious! 1/1/18
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