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A worthy project for BioCurious, given our interest in Surface plasmonics? Shashank Goel 11:22 AM
Kickstarter 101 - this Friday night @ BioCurious Eri Gentry 7/27/15
Similar group in UK? Ambikesh Jayal 7/25/15
BSL2 Certification @ Biocurious John Ballentine 7/24/15
Genome Engineering for Xenotransplantation Seminar Jay Hanson 7/24/15
Biotech startups in South Bay? Andrew Gibiansky 7/24/15
John Cumbers SynBio Talk on 7/9 at 6 Gregory Boggy 7/8/15
PCR Machine Lou 7/3/15
Re: [CCL] Free Scanning Electron Microscope in Pleasanton! (was Fwd: [Microscopy] viaWWW:SMI3200 FIB system looking for a good home) Patrik D'haeseleer 7/1/15
Fwd: [Microscopy] viaWWW:SMI3200 FIB system looking for a good home Nathan McCorkle 7/1/15
Fwd: [bc staff] package for Chris Walker Shashank Goel 6/29/15
Housing request for a visiting astrobiologist doing NASA internship? Linda M Glenn 6/15/15
quantified self conference Derek 6/14/15
TONIGHT in SF: BioCurious + CCL @ California Academy of Sciences NightLife Tito 6/11/15
TONIGHT at Stanford!! Tito speaking + Free BEER Tito 6/11/15
Last minutes to become a Founding Member of CCL! Patrik D'haeseleer 6/11/15
volunteers needed (+ free tix available!) for Cal Academy event THIS THURSDAY Patrik D'haeseleer 6/10/15
Fwd: Biology at O'Reilly Solid conference Eri Gentry 6/9/15
AMA: Counter Culture Labs! Patrik D'haeseleer 6/8/15
Fwd: David Collins Memorial Fund Eri Gentry 6/1/15
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