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A simple Matlab demo! Dan Bikle 8/6/14
Dan's ML Class Sunday 2014-06-29 1pm Dan Bikle 7/1/14
Class Feedback 2014-06-22 Dan Bikle 6/23/14
Cygwin/X: Quick Installation Instructions (Found this really helpful) Ranjit S 6/22/14
Dan's ML Class Sun June 22 1pm Dan Bikle 6/15/14
3 attempts to enhance spy611 effectiveness Dan Bikle 6/11/14
Example of ML Application built by Jim Gao Dan Bikle 6/6/14
SQL Script: 52 week max "Horizontal Distance" Dan Bikle 6/5/14
Finance, R, Blog post Dan Bikle 6/4/14
Overview of previous classes Ankit Jain 6/4/14
Postgres 9.3.4 and madlib Vina 5/30/14 3 New features: (52wkMax-cp)/cp, (cp-52wkMin)/cp and day_of_week Dan Bikle 5/19/14
VirtualBox UI is horrible but ... Dan Bikle 5/18/14
How did you choose parameter values for the learning algorithms? jeffgress34 5/14/14
How many lags is 1 month? Dan Bikle 5/11/14
R Predictive Analytics Package from Pivotal Dan Bikle 5/10/14
CSV file full of predictions and results for your spreadsheet or R script Dan Bikle 5/6/14
Predictions Table Vina 5/4/14
Homework 3 is posted Dan Bikle 5/4/14
VMware Player 6.0.2, CentOS6.5, Postgres 9.2.8, MADlib 1.5 Installation Checklist Dan Bikle 5/4/14
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