Bicycle Commuter Mentor Program

Welcome to the Charlotte Bicycle Commuter Mentor Program website!  

Our purpose is to disseminate information to help folks who desire to commute by bicycle.  We use the Google Groups format to encourage discussion by users on the wide variety of topics that enable us to improve our commuting experience, and make it safer.  Although our focus is on the Charlotte area, many of the topics contained in this forum are relevant to cycling commuters all over the world, so we encourage you to join us, regardless of where you live and commute.  Click here to learn more about BCMP

Riding a bicycle is a very personal experience, so folks will have many different thoughts and opinions on the topics.  We welcome everyone's ideas since a broader pool of experience benefits all of us.  Our expectation is that all ideas and experiences will be offered in a respectful manner, and will use appropriate language.  Those posts which do not meet this requirement will be removed.  Click here for more on terms of use

We hope all will enjoy their time visiting this site, obtain useful information, and join in the dialogue.  Thanks for being a part of our community! 

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