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Welcome to the Big Data Europe group! This group is used to communicate among people in Europe that work with or have interest in Big Data. Since in Europe Big Data knowledge isn't as concentrated as in the US (say, in Silicon Valley), I think that this could be way of sharing experiences, ask questions or work together on ideas.

So please share or discuss anything that has to do with Big Data, from technology to analysis, or from planned meetups and conferences you're attending to interesting use cases!

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Upcoming meetups and events Wouter de Bie 5/30/16
Welcome! Wouter de Bie 2/10/16
what is spark and Htfs Technology for savig in big data app ? 7/8/16
Big Data conference, American University in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria, Proceedings ACM Faouzi Hidoussi 6/30/16
Gain the Skills Needed to Immediately and Effectively Participate in Big Data and Data Science Konal Shah 6/30/16
Hadoop Training in bay area Info Cim 6/18/16
9 Secrets Of Data-Driven Companies Elise Lowry 6/8/16
Research fellowship opportunities in the Valencia Region, Spain Asociación RUVID 5/31/16
Free training video of Introduction of big data and hadoop Sreedhar D 5/30/16
Gift Card Invitation Mohammed Iftekhar 5/19/16
Big data Tutorials 4/29/16
Big World, Big Data, Big Mind : Spark | Scala | Python Apporva Jain 4/27/16
Call-for-Papers: IEEE/ACM ASONAM 2016 in San Francisco: Deadline in one week - 22 April 2016 tansel ozyer 4/15/16
C3S2E'16 - Call for Papers (EXTENDED DEADLINE: April 10) 4/1/16
C3S2E'16 - Call for Papers (EXTENDED DEADLINE) 3/25/16
Learn Data-Driven Best Practices With Talend! Gaargi Jain 3/23/16
What is Different Types of Big Data Dean Thompson 3/16/16
Leveraging Data Integration in Enterprise search and data discovery Elise Lowry 3/11/16
Now published: The SP theory of intelligence: distinctive features and advantages (PDF, Gerry Wolff 3/8/16
Enterprise Apache Hadoop: The Ecosystem of Projects Mala Kumari 3/2/16
A Case Study in Big Data Technology Selection Heidi Brayer 2/26/16
BDE Project: Online Webinar BigDataEurope Project 2/23/16
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