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Welcome to the Big Data Europe group! This group is used to communicate among people in Europe that work with or have interest in Big Data. Since in Europe Big Data knowledge isn't as concentrated as in the US (say, in Silicon Valley), I think that this could be way of sharing experiences, ask questions or work together on ideas.

So please share or discuss anything that has to do with Big Data, from technology to analysis, or from planned meetups and conferences you're attending to interesting use cases!

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Upcoming meetups and events Wouter de Bie 1/15/15
Welcome! Wouter de Bie 10/3/13
Big Data | Data Science: Writing Code and Exploring Data 2/4/16
Forthcoming paper: “The SP theory of intelligence: distinctive features and advantages” Gerry Wolff 12/22/15
CFP : 2nd International workshop on Performance Analysis of Big Data Systems ( PABS-16) 11/16/15
ETL Telco data using Hadoop Julian Reyes 11/14/15
Flink Forward 2015 in October 12 and 13 (Berlin) Kostas Tzoumas 8/26/15
Is your BI tool really intelligent ? Helical Insight 8/25/15
CFP open - see Doug Cutting and other data stars at Crunch Data Conference Zoltan C. Toth 6/23/15
CFP: Int'l Symposium on Network Enabled Health Informatics, Biomedicine and Bioinformatics (HI-BI-BI tansel ozyer 5/17/15
CFP: International Symposium on Foundations and Applications of Big Data Analytics FAB 2015 Paris tansel ozyer 5/17/15
CFP: Symposium on Foundations and Applications of Big Data Analytics FAB 2015 Paris, France tansel ozyer 5/17/15
The CFP for the Budapest Data Forum closes in a week Bence Arató 3/24/15
Video with Big Data expert in Denmark Zubair Quraishi 3/18/15
How are you involved in Big Data? Wouter de Bie 2/16/15
Traditional Databases vs NoSQL Database: Deepak Natraj 1/7/15
Big data project scope in 2015 Meera Srinivasan 1/5/15
Best HADOOP Online Training Vidhya Vani 11/26/14
Whitepaper: Implementing Real Time Analytics Using NoSQL - Big Data Deepak Natraj 11/10/14
Whitepaper: Here’s How To Choose The Right Database For Your Big Data Scenario: Traditional vs NoSQL Deepak Natraj 10/17/14
Free Online training on Big Data Technology Hadoop jim 7/29/14
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