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Welcome to the Largest group of Beneteau Owners on the planet. We have a variety of different styles and makes. We are owners of ,Oceanis, First series, Evasions, Cyclades, Idylle, Moorings Boats, Beneteau Sailboats. Lively and very informative, Loads of knowledge on how to repair,replace or just maintain.

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473 Fuel Capacity Rick L 10/17/16
MATTHEW Fletch 10/13/16
(auto) bilge pump switch on 2007 B323? danstanford 10/12/16
Goiot steering wheel question 10/12/16
Re: {Beneteau Owners} Leaking glass skylight is OUT! 10/11/16
Discoloration Bill 10/5/16
Access to rear of engine on B323 danstanford 10/4/16
Singing propeller on 323? danstanford 9/28/16
Leaking glass skylight is OUT! Bill 9/26/16
Help Fletch 9/25/16
Leaking ports Bill 9/21/16
Re: {Beneteau Owners} Galley Fridge Lid Bolt Inserts 9/20/16
36 Center Cockpit? Jim McCann 9/15/16
Re: {Beneteau Owners} 4JH4TE. ZF30M Fletch 9/13/16
4JH4TE. ZF30M Marratu 9/13/16
Out haul car Bill 9/12/16
Mirrors Bill 9/8/16
Re: Perkins Files Fletch 9/7/16
Skylight Bill 9/6/16
Rules and Etiquette Denny 42CC 9/5/16
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