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I just published an early release of the GSoC project for Elixir language server... Jake Becker 6/12/17
GSoC 2016 new project idea: Erlang HLA RTI Aparajita Haldar 5/22/17
Hadoop Training in bay area Info Cim 4/25/17
Google Summer of Code: Next Steps Mickaël Rémond 4/17/17
Mentors invites Mickaël Rémond 4/10/17
New idea to be added to the wiki Michal Slaski 4/2/17
[GSoC 2017] Proposal for Elixir Language Server Nishith Shah 4/2/17
[Barrel-DB] Idea #2: implement a rabbitmq plugin Tah Teche 4/1/17
[GSoC 2017] Support for "let's encrypt" ACME protocol Konstantinos Kallas 3/30/17
Questions regarding Language Server Protocol implementation for Elixir Said Atrahouch 3/28/17
Interested in Ejabberd Idea #3: Support for Things Discovery service in ejabberd Blaise Fringel 3/24/17
GSOC: Questions about ExDoc Port Radcliffe Robinson 3/22/17
[GSOC2017]: ejabberd - Web UI administration improvements Vuong Quoc Anh Tran 3/20/17
Proposal template Michał Muskała 3/16/17
[GSOC2017] erlang-dbus Ihar Kukharchuk 3/15/17
Seeking feedback on elixirfmt proposal draft Alex Jiao 3/15/17
[Zotonic]: Interest in Ideas #2, #4 and #5 3/15/17
Questions regarding elixirfmt Alex Jiao 3/15/17
Elixirfmt draft proposal Mohamed Seleem 3/12/17
Port ExDoc to Elm - Introduction and initial implementation Radcliffe Robinson 3/5/17
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