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GSoC 2014 : Zotonic : IDEA 2. Support low power systems (aka running on ARM or low-level VPS) Chamin De Silva 3/21/14
Interested to Work on Parallella aman mangal 3/21/14
[GSoC] Disco: Disco worker in more efficient programming languages (Haskell). Katarzyna Streich 3/21/14
[GSoC] Work Stealing Scheduling on the Parallella camelia 3/21/14
GSoC 2014 : Zotonic : IDEA 3. Dropbox/GDrive/SkyDrive integration zeina sadAl-deen 3/20/14
GSoc: Luvviescript Bach Le 3/19/14
Erlang Development Environment: edoc server Bach Le 3/19/14
Live Streaming for Swirl Project Vanshdeep Singh 3/17/14
GSoC: Disco on top of other distributed file systems RJ Nowling 3/17/14
[GSoC] Proposal updated for "Work Stealing Scheduling on the Parallella" Luca Favatella 3/14/14
GSOC 2014: Implementation of XEP-0280 Message Carbons SHAMBHU PRASAD 3/14/14
Idea #2: Implementation of XEP-0280 Message Carbons Fabulous Fringel Blaise 3/13/14
GSoC: Elixir Windows Support Chris Hyndman 3/12/14
GSoC 2014: Disco Sergey Abramyan 3/12/14
Erlang Development Environment drishan ranaweera 3/11/14
Project: Erlang Development Environment roger 3/11/14
Erlang Development Environment drishan ranaweera 3/10/14
Google mailing lists Gordon Guthrie 3/7/14
Question about the GSoC Antoine Proulx 3/3/14
Re: MongooseIM: Idea #3: Webhooks Stefan Strigler 2/28/14
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