Bay Area Population Genomics

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BAPGXIIII Berkeley, Feb 13, 2016 SIGN-UP Dmitri Petrov 12/7/15
Save the date: BAPGXIII will be held at Berkeley, Feb. 13, 2016. Dmitri Petrov 10/22/15
Postdoc position at IST Austria - Evolutionary Genomics Beatriz Vicoso 6/15/15
One more day to sign up for a talk at BAPGXII Dmitri Petrov 5/27/15
Please register if you are planning to come! Dmitri Petrov 5/26/15
BAPGXII speaking slots available Dmitri Petrov 5/26/15
BAPG XII at Stanford Dmitri Petrov 5/20/15
Save the date: BAPGXII, Stanford, May 30, 2015 Dmitri Petrov 5/5/15
Bay Area Population Genomic Meeting BAPG XI 12/6/14 UC Davis Graham 11/13/14
Save the date: BAPG XI will be held at UC DAVIS on 12/6/2014 Dmitri Petrov 10/21/14
Human genomics, Plant evo bio and Physiology jobs at SFSU pleuni 9/29/14
BAPGX @ Stanford: Reminder of deadlines! Your Abstract is due APRIL 28th pleuni 4/25/14
Postdoc position at UC Davis - Drosophila evolutionary genomics Artyom Kopp 4/22/14
Registration open/ call for abstracts/ BAPGX Stanford / May 24th pleuni 4/7/14
BAPGX at Stanford May 24 - Save the date Dmitri Petrov 4/1/14
Announcement for Stanford BCATS Symposium (registration is free!) Zoe 11/25/13
Stanford Biology Thinks Big! - 5 pm, Wednesday, October 16 Jeremy Hsu 9/29/13
Postdoc position at UCSF Ryan Hernandez 8/27/13
BAPGVIII at UCSF and announcing BAPGIX at Berkeley on 10/05/13 Dmitri Petrov 6/11/13
BAPG is this Saturday at UCSF! Dmitri Petrov 6/6/13
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