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April 21 - BAPG at UCSC russ 4/2/18
SF State Director for the Genomics/Transcriptomics Analysis Core (GTAC) Facility pleuni 3/20/18
BAPG Registration for UCSC on April 21 russ 3/11/18
Scheduling BAPG Spring 2018 @ UCSC russ 2/7/18
BAPG Slack Dmitri Petrov 12/5/17
BAPG on Slack Dmitri Petrov 11/7/17
Thank you and BAPG XVI Dmitri Petrov 11/5/17
BAPG schedule at Stanford Nov. 4 Dmitri Petrov 10/31/17
BAPG at Stanford Nov. 4 Dmitri Petrov 10/25/17
exciting talk lineup at BAPG on Nov 4 Dmitri Petrov 10/16/17
You can now register for BAPG XV, Nov 4th at Stanford. Consider giving a talk! pleuni 9/22/17
Save the day for BAPG - November 4, 2017 at Stanford. Dmitri Petrov 9/18/17
best day for BAPG at Stanford in the Fall of 2017 Dmitri Petrov 9/15/17
Next BAPG will be held at Stanford, October 21, 2017 Dmitri Petrov 9/15/17
BAPGXIV Invitation, New Date!! scott roy 8/22/16
SF State looking for bioinformatics / R instructor with PhD pleuni 8/10/16
The next BAPG is going to be held at SF State on September 10, 2016 Dmitri Petrov 8/2/16
BAPGXIIII Berkeley, Feb 13, 2016 SIGN-UP Dmitri Petrov 12/7/15
Save the date: BAPGXIII will be held at Berkeley, Feb. 13, 2016. Dmitri Petrov 10/22/15
Postdoc position at IST Austria - Evolutionary Genomics Beatriz Vicoso 6/15/15
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