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Drive gear for extruders zohar golan 7/6/15
Does anybody have a Nema17 3 stuck 0.9 deg/step zohar golan 7/6/15
Need PTFE Tube for E3D Lite6 Harish Gowda 7/6/15
Anyone tried the redesigned Cura? Jordan Wexler 7/6/15
AliExpress Experience Ken Snyder 6/26/15
Z artifact symptoms and solutions Elliot Foster 6/25/15
Tonight's meeting is at the SJ tech shop! Elliot Foster 6/24/15
Changing filament Jordan Wexler 6/18/15
Tonight's Meeting??? BSeiler 6/17/15
Nema 23 John England 6/11/15
Meeting in tech shop conference room tonight BSeiler 6/10/15
Tonight's meeting is at b2! Elliot Foster 6/10/15
Were ia the meeting tonight? BSeiler 6/10/15
Stepper driver comm protocol (Pololu, etc.) John England 6/9/15
Fabric printer Jordan Wexler 6/7/15
The terrible idea that probably won't work but I'm going to try anyway Elliot Foster 6/7/15
Anybody recycle filaments? zohar golan 6/6/15
Introduction and printer problems Kendric Ruark 6/3/15
Does anyone have a printrbot plus or a 1mm nozzle? Taylor Alexander 5/28/15
Introduction and newbie questions Alex Tabony 5/28/15
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