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Filament sale Jordan Wexler 8:37 AM
New printer frame Ken Snyder 3/24/15
Stellarap BSeiler 3/24/15
Re: Abridged summary of - 2 updates in 1 topic paperbot13 3/23/15
TED2015 3D printing talk Jordan Wexler 3/19/15
Startup gcode for nozzle purge/clean Elliot Foster 3/18/15
Extruder stops heating after initial temp is reached. Miguel Salas 3/18/15
Thingiverse question Ivan Vegvary 3/17/15
Extruder calibration: how to make easier? Brandon Heller 3/14/15
Note: tonight is at b2 in the San Pedro square market! Elliot Foster 3/11/15
Tonight is at the tech shop in San Jose Elliot Foster 3/11/15
NEMA 17 Triple Stack Locally? Ken Snyder 3/11/15
Re: Abridged summary of - 8 updates in 2 topics paperbot13 3/10/15
3D Printer Bed Level Bijan 3/10/15
3mm Filament for Sale 3/10/15
Fwd: Application Accepted: Maker Faire Bay Area 2015: Bay Area Reprap Group [Project 50824] Ken Snyder 3/8/15
My take on a bowden adapter for groove mount extruders Elliot Foster 3/8/15
3mm filaments, phasing out? zohar golan 3/5/15
Printrbot Heated Bed ATX Power Supply Keith Rogers 3/5/15
Stepper problem Ken Snyder 3/5/15
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