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Mechaduino T. Joseph Nkansah-Mahaney 10/21/16
Any recommendations on local filament stores in Bay Area? Kenneth Jiang 10/15/16
Meeting tonight? 3mm filament BSeiler 10/12/16
If intersect paperbot13 10/12/16
Mk9 Extruder skipping Cassandra Brockett 10/4/16
Fusion 360 and Repetier Gcode Ken Snyder 9/30/16
Recommendations for Printer Electronics? Aero 9/30/16
If you are using OctoPrint... Kenneth Jiang 9/29/16
CTC printer to Mightyboard. Russell Livesay 9/27/16
Part Finishing Survey Kaushik Ramini 9/22/16
thermistor accuracy question Allison Andrews 9/20/16
3d printer parts Kenneth Jiang 9/14/16
Meeting location? B2 or Techshop? Chris Fulmer 9/14/16
12V Power Supplies for sale. Tim Driedger 9/9/16
An awesome overview on the players in 3D printing Market Kenneth Jiang 9/7/16
3d printing + CNC milling Kenneth Jiang 9/2/16
Where to buy T-slot nuts Kendric Ruark 8/26/16
IGUS Iglide filament Ken Snyder 8/25/16
hacking of server's power supply zohar golan 8/20/16
Meeting? Ken Snyder 8/10/16
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