We are hackers in the Bay Area who love the BART and want to see it become better.
We started a repository of data around the BART that we can use to visualize issues in and around it.

We originally started this group in response to the July 2013 BART strike and ongoing labor dispute in an attempt to understand the issue.

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Salary data attribution Ian Johnson 10/16/13
Pulling it all together Ian Johnson 10/14/13
BART salary data, now with job families and Unions! Ian Johnson 10/10/13
Highway traffic using PEMS data Ian Johnson 10/10/13
Bay Area Public Employee Salaries Database (~270000 employees) Benjamin Sanchez-Lengeling 10/9/13
2006 - 2012 Income Statements from audited annual financial reports Paul Van Slembrouck 10/9/13
Hack night at Epicenter Cafe in SOMA, SF Shirley Wu 10/8/13
USA Family Budget dataset (includes San Francisco) Benjamin Sanchez-Lengeling 10/7/13
MBTA - Net Operating Costs Comparison 2012 James Addison 10/7/13
BART salary data explanation Ian Johnson 10/7/13
salary data charts Jon N 10/7/13
BART Crime data Ian Johnson 10/7/13