The official group / mailing list for Backbone.Marionette - a composite application framework that sits on top of Backbone.js. This group is intended for announcements, sharing work you are doing with Backbone.Marionette, open ended discussion, and other things that don't fit in to "Issues" on the Github Issues list, or Q&A on StackOverflow. 

To report issues, please use the Github Issues list. 

For general Q&A on using Marionette, please use StackOverflow.

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Backbone extensions fordealing with large collections Aaron Gray 8/15/15
How to stop auto scrolling after rendering backbone view Vikrant Karande 6/24/15
Focus lost from current input after rendering view in backbone.js Vikrant Karande 6/17/15
newbie question about magic 'on' methods Jason Fleetwood-Boldt 5/15/15
Do I need {trigger: true} or not? When I call navigate on my router, my controller actions don't fire Jason Fleetwood-Boldt 5/13/15
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Abstracting UI Components with Marionette.View Elan Hami 4/24/15
Any MOOC for Backbone Marionette? Michael L. 3/26/15
Routes containing changing parameter Leon Kladnitsky 1/25/15
Multiple applications sharing a Router Sophia Raw 11/13/14
How to fix Routing in Marionette when using Browserify Alex Arshavski 11/8/14
Marionette Express Mongo Andrei Motinga 9/24/14
Marionette apps and SEO for pushstate/progressive enhancement Nilesh Kale 9/23/14
starting a marionette module, stopping module, and coming back to module - old routes still running. How to solve that? bryan rasmussen 6/5/14
my Building Backbone Plugins book Derick Bailey 5/9/14
Question on posting Marionette jobs Jesse Sanford 5/9/14
sorting large collections Ray Matos 5/6/14
Is there a simple way to inject a Backbone.Marionette Application instance into Backbone.Marionette Controller on requirejs? gumaflux 4/22/14
How do you model a mixed collection - not composite Adam Akhtar 4/9/14
new Marionette meetup group in NYC Joanne Daudier 4/4/14
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