The official group / mailing list for Backbone.Marionette - a composite application framework that sits on top of Backbone.js. This group is intended for announcements, sharing work you are doing with Backbone.Marionette, open ended discussion, and other things that don't fit in to "Issues" on the Github Issues list, or Q&A on StackOverflow. 

To report issues, please use the Github Issues list. 

For general Q&A on using Marionette, please use StackOverflow.

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How do you model a mixed collection - not composite Adam Akhtar 4/9/14
new Marionette meetup group in NYC Joanne Daudier 4/4/14
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TDD and Marionette.Module pattern gumaflux 3/25/14
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how to disable button and image after click event Navy 3/4/14
How to Pass Values from view to Controller in Backbone Navy 3/3/14
Marionnette.CompositeView Filtering and emptyview 3/2/14
Is there a reason for not using Marionette.Controller with a Marionette.AppRouter? Naresh Bhatia 3/2/14
code documentation (not marionette's code) Dustin Nation 3/1/14
Multiple tbody elements in a layout Donovan Hide 2/6/14
Regions in CompositeView Jason Lock 2/6/14
AutoRendering view in Marionette.Region when changing collection/model Ruslan Korolev 2/6/14
Layouts for Different app controllers and loading from Routes Jason Kinnear 2/3/14
How do you distribute AppRouter-s over application? Andrew Gaydenko 12/14/13
Marionette.loading - new plugin, simplifies creating loading views in your application. Jan Jedrychowski 11/25/13
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