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Automapper and support for is*specified property 2:58 PM
Automapper returns null object, source object is not null. Why is that so? 6:19 AM
Adding Automapper Package to Visual Studio 2015 RC 5/19/15
How to ignore certain Collection object mappings when mapping two different collections? 5/18/15
How can I ignore an origin property? (Automapper v. 5/18/15
Serializing and restoring automapper's configuration Dan Plaskon 5/12/15
AutoMapper 4.0 roadmap Jimmy Bogard 5/7/15
Inject ISession into custom valueresolver 5/7/15
Array of Arrays 4/29/15
AutoMapper issue to map nested array in IQueryable map 4/27/15
Complicated Mapping Question George Westwater 4/26/15
How to map nested object to a falltern dto ? David Jia 4/24/15
Private field to property? 4/23/15
Strange Error with Unit Tests Patrick Speer 4/23/15
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Polymorphic Collection Differing Behavior between IQueryable Extension and Mapper.Map 4/21/15
Querying Mapping Engine At Runtime David McNee 4/20/15
Weird Behaviour of AutoMapper 4/7/15
Automapper , Linq and Localizaton 3/30/15
Dynamically select set of properties to map David Nguyen 3/19/15
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