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Dynamically select set of properties to map David Nguyen 3/19/15
Map from Com-Object Dani 3/5/15
IDictionary<string, object> to class mapping LOBOMINATOR 2/26/15
Automapper Exception Handling 2/23/15
Missing Something with Automapper and flattening Joe McNiff 2/23/15
Checking if the object was updated 2/18/15
How to Map ComplexType in EntityFramework. Ankit Gupta 2/9/15
Using Automapper with Unity Interception and overloaded DI constructors Ca Hy 2/4/15
Installing and using Automapper on OSX for Unity 2/3/15
How to remove flexible Postfixes to allow AutoMapper to match the properties without ForMember 1/29/15
Re: Issue converting UInt32 to Int32 using Project() Jimmy Bogard 1/22/15
Issue converting UInt32 to Int32 using Project() 1/21/15
How to define the mapping for Nullable<int> to string? 1/21/15
AutoMapping Dilemma Andres Rosas 1/19/15
Do we need automapper? 1/14/15
AutoMapper Map DateTime to Object 1/6/15
Initialize takes long Zachary 12/30/14
many to many relation ships 12/24/14
How to make AutoMapper more strict when converting types to string? Steve Vermeulen 12/22/14
Override whole mapped object creation. Enrique Ferreyra 12/22/14
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