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Difficulty updating nested DTO mapped to Entity Framework (EDM) objects in DB 2/5/16
AutoMapper.Mapper.CreateMap<TSource,TDestination>() is obsolete. The static API will be removed in version 5.0. Use a MapperConfiguration instance and store statically as needed. Use CreateMapper to create a mapper instance. 2/4/16
Examples initializing MapperConfiguration with multiple mappings needed Dave 2/2/16
Castle Windsor Dependency Injection for AutoMapper 4.2.0 Jesse Temple 2/1/16
working with SqlDataReader and AutoMapper.Data Gilad Sagiv 2/1/16
Moving away from the Static API calls in Automapper 4.2 1/28/16
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Throw custome exception in ITypeConverter. Anton Vanleeuw 1/19/16
Mapping inheritance problem 1/8/16
Is AutoMapper always create duplicates? 12/17/15
Open generic and polymorphic mapping. Breaking change between versions 3.3.1 and 4.0.0 and greater Leo 12/14/15
Encryption used in Automapper? Steve Behrendt 12/7/15
How to get AutoMapper to use interface mappings and concrete mappings at the same time Shaun Smith 11/30/15
AutoMapper in DNX 11/20/15
Automapper intialisation Rick Spence 11/17/15
Dnr TV Sample Code 11/16/15
Merging two model classes into one Dto Kwasi Denkyira 11/9/15
Parameterization in nested mappings 11/2/15
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