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Mapping multiple arrays to one type, each array contains a property 5/26/16
Retrieve Value Resolver used in a particular PropertyMap 5/18/16
Mapping from Flat model to an Abstract base class sab 5/7/16
Make Overload of a CreateMap 5/7/16
Permissive mappings of unspecified properties Michael Powell 5/2/16
Sequence contains no elements... Keith Barrows 5/2/16
How to construct destination type via constructor while using mappers for each parameter? epitka 4/30/16
Resolve Converters via ioc Sean Chambers 4/29/16
Is there a way to have AutoMapper infer target type? Jean-Francois Picard 4/15/16
Begineer in MVC 4/14/16
Bug or am I doing it wrong? 4/14/16
Potential Bug with the new non-static way? 4/14/16
Non-static usage with Mapping inside Resolvers. 4/13/16
AddFormatter usage? Keith Barrows 4/10/16
AutoMapper.Mapper.CreateMap<TSource,TDestination>() is obsolete. The static API will be removed in version 5.0. Use a MapperConfiguration instance and store statically as needed. Use CreateMapper to create a mapper instance. 3/25/16
Mappings to deeper than top level Michael Powell 3/22/16
Map from property (which is a class) of source to a destination class with nearly identical properties as source property Casey Redis 3/18/16
Performance with Aliases Ross Overstreet 3/17/16
Nested ResolveUsing does not work in 4.2.1 but does in 3.2.1 3/16/16
Re: Hot-list of Kutir Corp - Consultants with linkedin profile available immediately for your projects. Michael Powell 3/4/16
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