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how to map one property of a class to another property of another class based on a condition. 12:55 AM
AddAutoMapper() no longer works in new extensions Version nanopp 1/3/17
How Add a custom mapping expression, AutoMapper 5.2.0 12/30/16
ETA for AutoMapper 5.3.0 release? Doug Schmidt 12/29/16
Upgrading from AutoMapper 3->5. Properties of type object, List<object>, etc not being mapped properly at runtime. CreateMap<object,object>.Include()s not working anymore 12/7/16
AutoMappings.CreateMaps() throws inner exception "Configuration system failed to initialize". Tim Robinson 12/2/16
How to map multiple list to a single list? 11/30/16
Merging Collections produces empty Mark Davis 11/19/16
Access violation on version 3.2.1 11/8/16
Conditional mapping of list members to derived types 11/8/16
How To Filter Mapped Records Generically 11/7/16
5.1.1: ProjectTo, Explicit Expansion creaing problems. Thomas Tomiczek 11/7/16
AutoMapper in IronPython 11/4/16
Upgrading from version 3 and all hell is breaking loose! Maybe it's the Cubs? Property is not defined for type 11/3/16
Thread-Safety of the instance APIs 10/27/16
ConstructedBy 10/22/16
Equivalent to AutoMapper 3.3.1's ResolutionContext.MemberName Matt Zinkevicius 10/21/16
DynamicMap use explicit create map if exist? Ivan del Puerto 10/11/16
Plural names for collections other than entity name +"s" 10/5/16
How do I make CreateMap that maps into a all nullable enum properties. Jesper Risager 9/23/16
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