A forum for discussing applied graph theory in general and TitanDB in particular. The Aurelius team, who built TitanDB, has moved on to DataStax to develop DSE Graph, the successor to TitanDB. Contact support for help on DSE Graph or use StackOverflow.

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On proper issue submissions. Marko Rodriguez 11/24/13
Re: [Aurelius] Exception : A Titan graph with the same instance id is already open. Matthias 8/15/17
Best approach to setting up for driver data serialization from WebSocketChannelizer Ray Scott 8/8/17
GraphSON export/import usage with Titan 0.5.3 + Cassandra/ES Andy Coates 8/1/17
finance application using graphs Meisam Shahid Sorkhabi 7/27/17
Save graph to Cassandra in Titan DB (1.0.0) manoj nainwal 7/26/17
Getting Error while deploying Titan with TinkerTop at AWS EC2 manoj nainwal 7/22/17
Exception: Vertex not associated with this transaction aa5186 7/22/17
Make HttpChannelizer enabled while using external cassandra manoj nainwal 7/13/17
[titan-0.5.0] - query by vertex label possible? Damir Vandic 5/18/17
Copying titan cassandra keyspace between machines yuval yaari 5/10/17
Can I create more than 1 composite index on a vertex? Shih-gian Lee 5/4/17
index could no longer be used ziploe 4/26/17
get millions of vertex query hang Li Li 4/23/17
Column family m does not exist in region 4/19/17
Error: Could not commit transaction due to exception during persistence-while updating edge property abhinav kilaru 4/19/17
Increasing number of executors in Bulk Loading ajay krishnan 4/17/17
Titan Bulk loading (using Titan Hadoop) run time issue Sridhar Rangarajan 4/15/17
bulk loading into titan from graphson Jonathan Haddad 4/14/17
Bulk Update of Existing Edges 4/6/17
Titan / Tinkerpop at Graph Day SF LynnBender 4/3/17
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