A forum for discussing applied graph theory in general and TitanDB in particular. The Aurelius team, who built TitanDB, has moved on to DataStax to develop DSE Graph, the successor to TitanDB. Contact support for help on DSE Graph or use StackOverflow.

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On proper issue submissions. Marko Rodriguez 11/24/13
Got Exception when Trying to Import Data on Titan DB 1.0 with pre configured indices Vitaly Tarasiuk 7:31 AM
Incubation at Apache Jason Plurad 12/7/16
Chain query Disruptive Solutions 12/4/16
OID Disruptive Solutions 12/3/16
Titan Cassandra es cluster of 3 nodes not updating vertex property Prakash Jetty 12/2/16
Gremlin graph projections Jordi Aranda 12/1/16
[titan-0.5.0] - query by vertex label possible? Damir Vandic 12/1/16
How to load big graphs? Jordi Aranda 12/1/16
Quicker graph creation Luke Pritz 11/29/16
titan tinkerpopup 3 grpah local dynamodb using gremlin console Mustafa Tinwala 11/29/16
Elasticsearch error Disruptive Solutions 11/24/16
ConcurrentModificationException while inserting bulk vertices, with properties in Titan (0.5.3) Huzaifa Arif 11/24/16
Titan - ElasticSearch SET Cardinality Vijai Shankar Natarajan 11/23/16
Read/write ratio while importing a large graph in Titan Ümit Akkuş 11/23/16
Repeated full GC in cluster after super nodes get too big Nigel Brown 11/23/16
Removing HBase Tables when deleting titan graph (in multi graph setting) Vivek Krishnan 11/22/16
Can I use partitioning in titan 0.5.4/cassandra? Nigel Brown 11/22/16
Triplestore and SPARQL and Gremlin etc Disruptive Solutions 11/20/16
Beginners question Disruptive Solutions 11/20/16
Configure multiple cassandra instances in titangraph Hari 11/19/16
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