The Aura Project for PHP

In a world of monolithic frameworks, the Aura project provides truly independent and fully decoupled library packages for PHP. These packages can be used alone, in concert with each other, or combined into a full-stack framework of their own.

The codebase is at Please fork the various library package repositories or the system skeleton repository, and help us keep high-quality libraries available and maintained for PHP.

You can chat with us using IRC on Freenode at #auraphp.

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Aura DI lazy function called each time Laurens Verspeek 1/19/17
Examples of Aura.Input and Aura.Filter working together? ZombieSplat 1/19/17
Aura.Intl 3.0.0 Hari K T 1/19/17
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Use of before checks in aura/router ? Tim Smith 12/26/16
Aura.Accept 2.2.4 Released Hari K T 12/26/16
Aura.Input 1.2.1 Released Hari K T 12/21/16
Aura.Input 1.2.0 Released Hari K T 10/13/16
New Releases: Filter, Session, and Di pmjones 10/4/16
Hygiene Releases (2.x and 3.x) pmjones 10/4/16
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Aura\Auth session domain? Chris Johnson 9/23/16
Using aura router 3 Alexandre Evangelista de Souza 6/14/16
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Kernel package updates Aaron Webb 5/29/16
New Releases pmjones 5/2/16
Refactoring to Application Services w Payload Chris Domigan 3/29/16
New Releases pmjones 3/23/16
begin Alexandre Evangelista de Souza 3/10/16
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