Augmented Programming

This group was formed in response to a burst of interest and discussion of breaking away from the mold of editing our programs with text editors and experimenting with visual/structural/projectional editing.

Here are some links to previous hotspots of discussion:

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Is it possible to send klayjs-noflo output as input to noflo-ui or the-graph api to visualize ? Noghan Odedra 2/17/15
Re: [SC] The user of software design is the developer. Here's how this will change your designs Raoul Duke 2/5/15
a cross-platform development day-dream Raoul Duke 12/27/14
Thoughts on APL Joshua Marinacci 10/24/14
Splash Joshua Marinacci 10/14/14
Glamorous Toolkit for Pharo dmbarbour 9/29/14
Elm Reactor Sean McDirmid 9/23/14
typographic driven programming Joshua Marinacci 9/21/14
Gneiss Sean McDirmid 9/21/14
Cartography John Carlson 9/16/14
Augmenting the talk - why no discussion about castAR? Adrian Sampaleanu 8/5/14
*be* the memory Raoul Duke 7/23/14
Lamdu demo video Jake Brownson 7/15/14
extant today for, say, state machine type things? Raoul Duke 7/10/14
Bret Victor: Seeing Spaces Sean McDirmid 7/7/14
PL as Least Usable but Most Powerful HCI dmbarbour 6/3/14
Pain we forgot Sean McDirmid 5/17/14
Time travel comes to Elm Sean McDirmid 4/17/14
Future Programming Workshop coming to StrangeLoop Jonathan Edwards 4/3/14
Chris Granger's Strange Loop talk Roly Perera 3/27/14
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