Augmented Programming

This group was formed in response to a burst of interest and discussion of breaking away from the mold of editing our programs with text editors and experimenting with visual/structural/projectional editing.

Here are some links to previous hotspots of discussion:

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Time travel comes to Elm Sean McDirmid 4/17/14
Future Programming Workshop coming to StrangeLoop Jonathan Edwards 4/3/14
Chris Granger's Strange Loop talk Roly Perera 3/27/14
The revolution will be screencast Jonathan Edwards 2/27/14
Visual Programming Languages - Snapshots Sean McDirmid 2/20/14
Markus Volter did an interview you guys might enjoy Jake Brownson 1/13/14
Wiki-based IDE dmbarbour 1/4/14
Review copies available for “Augmented Reality for Android Application Development” Sunitha Palanna 12/16/13
PWCT: General Purpose Visual Programming Language for developing large scale Systems and Application Mahmoud Samir Fayed 11/16/13
An interesting project using MPS to do augmented embedded programming Jake Brownson 11/12/13
telling vs. showing Sean McDirmid 11/5/13
Programming in the Large Joshua Marinacci 11/4/13
An indie game dev is starting to talk about crazy ideas like how storing code as text feels silly Jake Brownson 11/1/13
Breaking the Deutsch limit Sjoerd de Vries 10/28/13
Smalltalk, Self, Lively-Kernel, NeWS? David Harris 10/27/13
"Smalltalk failed so we can't have nice things" Jake Brownson 10/26/13
Hive system for visual programming Sjoerd de Vries 10/24/13
usable live programming (web essay) Sean McDirmid 10/10/13
Personal Programming Environment as Extension of Self dmbarbour 9/26/13
History of AR/VR Programming Environments? [was Re: Personal Programming Env...] dmbarbour 9/25/13
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