Augmented Programming

This group was formed in response to a burst of interest and discussion of breaking away from the mold of editing our programs with text editors and experimenting with visual/structural/projectional editing.

Here are some links to previous hotspots of discussion:

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Ring programming language: Textual Programming Language developed using Visual Programming Language The Future of Programming 1/1/18
isomorƒ: experimental structured editing environment 10/17/17
MTBD, PbD, imitation learning, sequence clustering John Carlson 10/10/17
Fwd: [erlang-questions] My quest for a decent way to make a GUI in erlang Raoul Duke 7/26/17
Teaching "Programming by Demonstration" by Demonstration; Deep Learning Augmented Programming John Carlson 7/11/17
livecoding blueprints? Raoul Duke 7/1/17
Abstract visual debugger (update) Weston Beecroft 6/12/17
Typo correction in the "about" section Egg Syntax 6/5/17
LIVE Programming Workshop Jonathan Edwards 5/24/17
Gallery of programming UIs Jonathan Edwards 5/19/17
Programming after Deep Learning John Carlson 3/6/17
Fwd: Extensible programming by demonstration John Carlson 3/1/17
Introduction to Ohm Joshua Marinacci 8/31/16
Program Rewriting dmbarbour 8/30/16
Hazelnut: A Bidirectionally Typed Structure Editor Calculus Minghao Liu 6/23/16
PX 16 Jonathan Edwards 3/10/16
Onward! 2016 Promotion Sean McDirmid 2/29/16
JAVA | Good Design Adds Value Faster than it Adds Cost Anita Goyal 2/16/16
The future of the Future Programming Workshop Jonathan Edwards 1/20/16
Re: [PiLuD] Whiteboard programming? dmbarbour 12/17/15
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