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Fun IoT Project for SXSW Josh Cross 9:20 AM
LED Filiments Jerry Rutherford 1/23/17
Focus group on technology and finances UnexpectedEOF 1/20/17
Red Laser Z-height issue flip 1/18/17
Red Laser Z-height issue flip 1/18/17
NEW CLASS! Clicker Press education 1/17/17
Volunteers needed for 2017 BodyHacking Con (BDYHAX) Krispy 1/8/17
Corel graphic design help Josh Evans 1/4/17
Band saw in Wood working area tmchrzan 12/29/16
Metal Project Juba M. 12/28/16
Visiting the space Will Blevins 12/26/16
Parking Ticket on robot Brad Selph 12/22/16
Lost my fob and don't remember password Pratik Mallya 12/21/16
Local Solder Paste? Neal Singer 12/20/16
help coding to arduino board for controlling relays for bio experiments Mike Helio 12/20/16
Powermatic 24" Planer Alex Shipp 12/16/16
Any hints to the Red Laser Nozzle alignment Ben Nash 12/15/16
Anyone want shuttle bus seats and/or a luggage rack? Dan DeFelippi 12/14/16
Red laser focus trouble -- WATCH THE AIR PRESSURE PEOPLE flip 12/7/16
Cell phone found Amy 12/4/16
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