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Prototyping stuff Jerry Rutherford 2:40 PM
OpenBuilds V-slot Custom Cut Extrusion anyone? marshallpeck 2:32 PM
Display Board Jerry Rutherford 10:38 AM
Injection Molding JDolecek 2/10/16
Central Austin Makerspace justinboger333 2/10/16
Piano Plate Coffee Table justinboger333 2/10/16
Piano Plate location justinboger333 2/10/16
Technicians for soldering Brad Knox 2/9/16
sundial digital clock justinboger333 2/8/16
Job oportunity sarole 2/8/16
For a parents with babies or expecting justinboger333 2/8/16
DIY - By Nessesity Jerry Rutherford 2/6/16
Jobs board/list? Martin Bogomolni 2/5/16
In search of Bentone 34 william.haines 2/4/16
Need to solder, help? Harrison Jones 2/2/16
Photographic film scanner uncletammy 1/29/16
Invite to IoT Hackathon Jerry Rutherford 1/26/16
The worlds (possibly) fastest Rubik's Cube solver Martin Bogomolni 1/25/16
Norway Project Jerry Rutherford 1/24/16
Access to plastic sheet thermoformer (same as vacuum former). Rex 1/22/16
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