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2nd Wednesday Game Night - Starting tonight at 6pm! James Shields 3/14/18
Red Schedule Conflict Chaos 3/11/18
Classroom justinhart 3/7/18
Has anyone built a TDR for guitar cables? casey brotherton 3/5/18
Lost - Box cutter mblackledger 3/3/18
On Friday March 9 - Government Open Source Initiatives: and USDOT Lloyd Ewing 3/1/18
Fwd: {TAQC} Fwd: Us congress hearing of maan alsaan Money laundry قضية الكونغجرس لغسيل الأموال للمليادير معن الصانع Hash L 2/28/18
sla 3d printer Jim Shepherd 2/27/18
OT: Anyone got a dehumidifier I can borrow? Luke Keyes 2/27/18
[[ Education ]] CNC Router Class Pt1 & Pt2 - Feb 28 / March 1st Martin Bogomolni 2/21/18
[[ Education ]] Professional course - Modern C++ for Programmers w/ Dr. Fred Nugen Martin Bogomolni 2/21/18
Big Red Kerf size? casey brotherton 2/20/18
Interested in a Tabletop Game Night? James Shields 2/19/18
CR-10 Not Extruding joshcross 2/13/18
Big Red z-axis? thedazedturtle 2/13/18
Can anybody help me learn Arduino and Linux (RPi)? Doug Craig 2/11/18
Anyone here interested in casting? fmurray 2/11/18
CR-10S Printer ( on the right ) Red Tagged Martin Bogomolni 2/10/18
Ros meetup tonight Bill Tyler 2/8/18
Missing metal Kye Flannery 2/4/18
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