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New twist Arduino Projects Matthew DeBlock 10/6/15
Fwd: FIRST fundraising Brad Knox 10/1/15
Drones Mark Foster 9/29/15
Richo 3110 - Free Jerry Rutherford 9/28/15
marshallpeck 9/28/15
"Voxel OX" 3D printer on OpenBuilds marshallpeck 9/28/15
new sensor Jerry Rutherford 9/26/15
Free framing nails 9/26/15
How to apply to Y Combinator and 500 Startups Paul Bonser 9/24/15
Opportunity for Artisans Evelyn 9/24/15
NItrogen gas assist for laser cutters SteveBaker 9/23/15
Re: [atxhs-discuss] Abridged summary of - 1 update in 1 topic 9/21/15
another "only in Texas" story sarole 9/20/15
Blue Ryobi bandsaw sarole 9/19/15
RAID FLASHDRIVE Jerry Rutherford 9/18/15
DustDeputy upgrade evan 9/17/15
Free 3D CAD Jerry Rutherford 9/17/15
3D Printers Jerry Rutherford 9/16/15
Reserving the Auto Bay Mark Foster 9/16/15
Robot Group 2nd and 4th weeks moving to Sunday jcicolani 9/16/15
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