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Wiki accounts on ops 10/22/16
Axial power rack. Super fun easy project Matthew DeBlock 10/20/16
Floorplan committee meeting today @ 7pm Director of Facilities 10/15/16
3D Printing Jerry Rutherford 10/14/16
Free sample materials this weekend Clairissa Simmons 10/13/16
8mm projector IR shielding glass 10/12/16
CNC - Roller Method Jerry Rutherford 10/10/16
Gear Generator Jerry Rutherford 10/9/16
Looking for flat front-polish mirror Jeff V 10/5/16
Flyover kira wolf 10/5/16
Gentian Violet, bad ideas, and responsible material handling Jon 10/4/16
LED controllers Matt Lawrence 10/3/16
125 W CO2 Laser time in South Austin/Wimberley Texas for trade Josh Evans 10/3/16
codebender:esp: Cloud IDE for ESP8266 & ESP32 with zero setup & built-in OTA updates Fay Candiliari 10/1/16
The Wazer has gone full GlowForge... Martin Bogomolni 9/27/16
Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Quarterly Meeting September 24th 2016, 2pm ops 9/25/16
Network kira wolf 9/14/16
FYI Red laser down because network down Yama Ploskonka 9/13/16
Bike Air-Pump hPackman {waka waka} 9/11/16
Soldering job Jerry Rutherford 9/8/16
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