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Stitch 'n Bitch (Knitting/Crochet/Fiber Arts Group) Kelly Burghart 2/28/15
Bscrpt 3D path capture pen Matthew DeBlock 2/28/15
Fwd: [atxhs-members] [Proposal] Fiber Arts Group/Stitch 'n Bitch Tim Fredlund 2/27/15
Programming ATTiny (AVR) chips with your Arduino Jerry Rutherford 2/26/15
looking for a specific vinyl cutter Elliot 2/26/15
Cosa? David Mitchell 2/25/15
Next week - Austin Robotics & Animatronics Meetup Luke Keyes 2/25/15
Drill press issue josephqtn1 2/24/15
CNC Router project Paul Bonser 2/24/15
Auto bay josephqtn1 2/23/15
Annealing Plexiglas EricU 2/23/15
Want to inspire young minds to love STEM? Teal Jackson-Mappus 2/23/15
Used UPS batteries Matt Lawrence 2/23/15
10 Raspberry Pi Project Ideas Raymond Jacobs 2/21/15
Anyone around tonight 6-7ish? Jordan Wills 2/18/15
Freescale IoT at Tech Shop and SXSW Amishacker 2/18/15
Yellow three plug extension cord - Red tagged 2/18/15
Mechanical computers evan 2/18/15
Great Group Rich Barton 2/17/15
Box fan under the welding table josephqtn1 2/16/15
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