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ROS training meetup canceled Bill Tyler 5:13 PM
[[ Education ]] Status update for Week 50 Martin Bogomolni 12/13/17
reinstate membership me 12/12/17
Laser cut metallic paint? me 12/11/17
[[ Education ]] Our new class handout template! Martin Bogomolni 12/9/17
10 am slot on Red is open... I'm too sick to take it stephen.mercer 12/9/17
[[ Education ]] MIG & TIG Welding classes Martin Bogomolni 12/5/17
anybody know who's paying the most for lead batts? rc3105_Riley 12/5/17
[[ Education ]] Tormach CNC Classes coming up! Martin Bogomolni 12/5/17
Volunteer Java Programmer : Our Door System Martin Bogomolni 12/3/17
[[ Education ]] JUKI industrial sewing machine - Class test run Martin Bogomolni 12/2/17
[ Education ] Upcoming class (short notice) : CNC ROUTER CHECKOUT CLASS Martin Bogomolni 11/27/17
Help needed: soldering debug header on laptop board Matt DeVillier 11/26/17
Leather station mess Jim Shepherd 11/25/17
[[ Education ]] Tools, tools, tools, and courses Martin Bogomolni 11/24/17
hot wire foam cutter james 11/24/17
[[ Education ]] LASER CLASS ADDED : SAT 25th at 1pm Martin Bogomolni 11/24/17
Red Laser Class tonight at 7 pm Robert Ristroph 11/19/17
Leather splitter Jim Shepherd 11/18/17
SawStop Blade replaced, SawStop cleaned up Martin Bogomolni 11/18/17
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