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Dorkbot 61: Building a Better Tomorrow rc3105_Riley 8/29/16
Creative use for textbooks? Clairissa Simmons 8/23/16
Android Dev Bill Tyler 8/23/16
New Python Programming Class on Thursday the 25th Robert Williams 8/22/16
Hackathon for human-robot improvised comedy Brad Knox 8/21/16
Need auto bay this afternoon I don't see a calender bcsteldt 8/20/16
Software Saturday/OmniBuilds Demo Jeremiah Wagstaff 8/20/16
Aquaponics/Hydroponics Robert Williams 8/19/16
1/8" MDF Sheet jcicolani 8/19/16
Does Software Saturdays still happen? Akarsh Simha 8/19/16
Laptop with Parallel Port Jerry Rutherford 8/18/16
Book scanning Charles Allen 8/18/16
Building a lasersaur rc3105_Riley 8/18/16
looking to pay cash for someone to help clean out equipment $40 for 45-90mins work Mike Helio 8/6/16
Phone Status Detection Jerry Rutherford 8/3/16
Ham radio convention/swapfest this weekend Mert 8/3/16
Floorplan redesign committee meeting - Saturday September 13th 7PM Robert Williams 7/28/16
Tip - Buy Nothing Groups Clairissa Simmons 7/28/16
Open Board Positions - Education, Human Resources, and Public Relations (if created) ops 7/22/16
Changing 3D printers, selling my 1.75mm filament! Martin Bogomolni 7/18/16
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