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The Wazer has gone full GlowForge... Martin Bogomolni 9/24/16
Flyover kira wolf 9/15/16
Network kira wolf 9/14/16
FYI Red laser down because network down Yama Ploskonka 9/13/16
Bike Air-Pump 9/11/16
Soldering job Jerry Rutherford 9/8/16
Sewing & Craft Functionality Restored 9/7/16
ErgoDox PCB thread Jon 9/4/16
New In Austin / Touch Sensitive EL wire! 9/4/16
Leather Class Ideas 9/4/16
Anyone in ATX in Labors Day weekend? yj wang 9/4/16
Shelving at Bleeplabs garage sale - could we use it ? Robert Ristroph 9/3/16
MatterHackers : Design Within Reach challenge ( ends Sept 6th ) Martin Bogomolni 9/1/16
Would yall want a monitor donation? Patrick OConnor 8/31/16
Dorkbot 61: Building a Better Tomorrow rc3105_Riley 8/29/16
Creative use for textbooks? Clairissa Simmons 8/23/16
Android Dev Bill Tyler 8/23/16
New Python Programming Class on Thursday the 25th Robert Williams 8/22/16
Hackathon for human-robot improvised comedy Brad Knox 8/21/16
Need auto bay this afternoon I don't see a calender bcsteldt 8/20/16
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