ATX Code Lunch

Discussion group for the Austin, TX Code Lunch (ATX Code Lunch) community.

There is a public Google calendar so you can follow the dates and get reminders:

How to subscribe to calendars in Google Calendar 



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Code Lunch Discussion Chad Myers 4/29/15
Ready for Lunch Chad Myers 5/8/14
Code Lunch Tomorr-ah Chad Myers 4/24/14
ATX Code Lunch time again Chad Myers 4/10/14
CodeLunchtime again! Chad Myers 3/27/14
Code Lunch time! Chad Myers 3/13/14
Code lunch time! Chad Myers 2/26/14
Lunch tomorrow Chad Myers 2/12/14
Code lunch time! Chad Myers 1/30/14
Code lunch time! Chad Myers 1/15/14
Code lunch tomorrow? Chad Myers 1/1/14
Code lunch Chad Myers 12/19/13
Lunchy? Chad Myers 12/5/13
Code lunch! Chad Myers 11/20/13
ATX Code Lunch Location Chad Myers 11/6/13
Code Lunch Chad Myers 10/24/13
Code lunch tomorrow! Chad Myers 10/10/13
geek lunch? Tom Jaeschke 9/26/13
Lunch location Chad Myers 9/12/13
Lunch location tomorrow? Steve Donie 8/29/13
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