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Welcome to the Atlanta PHP User Group mailing list. This is a moderated list.

This discussion list is used for both general discussion and job postings. Please note the following guidelines if you plan on submitting job opportunities.

Rules for Job Postings

  1. Include a full description of the job opportunity. Do not just post links to job boards or messages to the effect of "I've got jobs. Call me."
  2. Include a signature block with your full name, position, contact details and company.
  3. Indicate your relationship to the job opportunity (e.g. employer, recruiter)
  4. Only post job opportunities located in Georgia or its bordering states
  5. Post only new opportunities. Do not post opportunities that have already been posted by you, your colleagues, or a competitor.
  6. Do your own work. Do not ask AtlantaPHP organizers to recommend members to you, or to pass along opportunities on your behalf.
  7. Do not include documents, forms or file attachments of any kind.
  8. Do not include disclaimers from email footers regarding confidentiality, intended recipients, or similar.

Failure to follow the above job posting rules will get your message declined and may lead to you being banned.

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