AstroML is a Python software package for statistics, machine learning, and data mining in astronomy.  The documentation can be found at, and the source can be found at  This is a forum for sharing feedback, asking questions, suggesting new features and examples, and getting help with contributing your own code.  Welcome!

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Chapter 6, correlation function code Nic Ross 3/20/17
Data Set Example for downloading and processing SDSS spectra HTTP Error 404 Joseph Karpinski 3/1/17
Issue with plotting.scatter_contour Steven Mohammed 2/24/17
EWASS 2017: Special Session SS16 - Developments and Practices in Astronomy Research Software Matteo Bachetti 1/30/17
adding a dataset in astroml Jerome de Leon 12/25/16
error: [Errno 104] Connection reset by peer Jerome de Leon 11/7/16
Figure 6.13 10/19/16
Fig 10.14 : spectral window function: not working.... Krzysztof Suberlak 10/14/16
Y axis scale of wavelet_PSD() 9/9/16
fetch_sdss_spectrum for DR12 vivek m 7/13/16
permission to use astroML figure Karen Yin-Yee Ng 6/10/16
Synthetic training samples Colin Navin 5/25/16
Correction to the source code of Figure 4.2 Ramon Crehuet 4/28/16
How to reproduce Table 5.2 (or how to compare two Gaussian models) Ramon Crehuet 4/28/16
Install astroML in Anaconda Gabriel Perren 4/10/16
Fig.6.8 - Comparison of 1D Density Estimators Ali Dariush 3/17/16
GMM vs SVM Gmm 2/10/16
Problem running data = sdss_corrected_spectra.fetch_sdss_corrected_spectra() Shantanu D 1/20/16
Unable to fetch the Sloan galaxy colours and spectra for the ML for Astronomy Scikit-learn tutorial 1/6/16
Two point correlation function sandeep rana 12/8/15
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