Assembla API Development

Assembla Developer API provides resources to be used by external applications, using a secure authentication mechanism (OAuth 2) and based on REST architecture.

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Cannot download an attached file data associated with ticket SSYED-USER 11/29/16
Error while trying to update a ticket Deepan Chakravarthy 11/28/16
How sorting when call api tags 11/16/16
Webhook doesn't send payload when ticket has been deleted Jan Myszkier 10/27/16
Sorting results for tasks.xml does not appear to work Michael 10/24/16
How to get list of commits for a repository via API? 10/24/16
Spaces API not returning all spaces Jan Myszkier 9/14/16
How to access the current Milestone in Space? 9/10/16
How to retrieve ALL TICKETS AT ONCE through a Custom Filter using the API Carlos Damasceno 9/4/16
Activity Stream Api Paging Justin Freres 8/14/16
Batch API Milestones Justin Freres 8/10/16
Create Space API Error? Justin Freres 8/10/16
To Get the ticket details from a space Deepan Chakravarthy 7/12/16
Tickets between dates Alfahad P M 6/28/16
Get Worked Hours using API Alfahad P M 6/28/16
is it possible to get list of MergeRequests associated with ticket via API Pavlo Deviatkin 6/28/16
Getting last_status_or_milestone_change date using API Srilaxmi Challa 5/1/16
Getting ticket descriptions via API 4/25/16
Assembla login error in zendesk ticket 4/24/16
How to specify folder while uploading document via API 3/31/16
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