Assembla API Development

Assembla Developer API provides resources to be used by external applications, using a secure authentication mechanism (OAuth 2) and based on REST architecture.

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The API no gets all comments for a ticket Fernando Poyato 4/3/14
Time Entries on Webhook Micah Little 3/31/14
total_estimate smaller then estimate ? Koen van Wijk 3/17/14
Auto deploy of code to any cloud (PaaS) 3/16/14
Tasks and Jobs Eduard Kracmar 3/7/14
How to add comment and attach document for a Support ticket? (Error: 403 Forbidden) QualityHU 3/6/14
What permission is needed to add an attached document to a public ticket? Forbidden: 403 QualityHU 3/5/14
Ticket is_support field causes errors and side effects (using XML) QualityHU 3/5/14
Unable to Get Portfolio Users Ken G. 3/3/14
API: Ticket Associations, json request return 422 Unprocessable Entity Stephane Rodriguez 3/3/14
logic behind ticket.updated_at Calvin 2/25/14
Activity through API Calvin 2/25/14
Unable to upload document via API through JAVA Yuval T 2/25/14
500 Broken API: POST .../merge_requests/[merge_request_id]/versions/[version]/comments Francis Robichaud 2/20/14
GET /v1/spaces/:space_id/users not works Fernando Poyato 2/17/14
Closed Tickets not showing Gregory Shaw 2/11/14
Trying to post a file Gregory Shaw 2/7/14
Uploading File Gregory Shaw 2/7/14
403 : Forbidden Lee Pender 2/2/14
Updating ticket returns 404 Lindsay Ohman 1/28/14
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