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Assembla Developer API provides resources to be used by external applications, using a secure authentication mechanism (OAuth 2) and based on REST architecture.

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Tasks api using from and to parameters will only work with first parameter entered 7/18/17
Get /activity in realtime Muhammad Ali 7/17/17
How to Retrieve Tickets based on a custom field value. Marty Zigman 7/16/17
Api to export the tickets tby filter Pushparaj T 7/10/17
Re: [assembla-api-dev] The request /v1/activity does not return the hours entered through the top me Time Stanislav Kolotinskiy 7/10/17
Re: [assembla-api-dev] Ticket request does not return the working hours added from the Time menu Stanislav Kolotinskiy 7/5/17
oAuth process not working when user is not logged in to Assembla Scott 7/5/17
The request /v1/activity does not return the hours entered through the top menu Time Serj 7/4/17
assembla PHP api Ralph 6/26/17
Tagging a Ticket? Ken G. 6/26/17
Counter for development cycles Yishay Haspel 6/26/17
Issue with user_roles_destroy API endpoint 6/15/17
Update a Ticket Status 6/14/17
While getting comments via API returned HTTP status: 500 Zohaib Khan 6/6/17
GET tickets within milestone 6/5/17
Associate ticket from one space to other: Error code 422 Unprocessable Entity Sarah Saleem 5/29/17
assined_by_name is not showing up in all the tickets 5/28/17
HTTP status: 500{"status":"500","error":"Internal Server Error"} while attaching file to ticket shaveta sharma 5/28/17
Create ticket returns status 500, but ticket is created. Not in all spaces Wouter 5/19/17
API Request 5/17/17
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