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Tea tray project ChaBuku Alex Bakke 1/18/17
School Maker Faire Needs Makers! Julie Johnson 1/18/17
Pizza Tonight Steve Altemeier 1/17/17
Help with Addressable LED Light Strips Steve Altemeier 1/16/17
LC fiber splicing Mike Wilson 1/16/17
Posted some stuff Bob Sinclair 1/15/17
Laser Cutter Info ChaBuku Alex Bakke 1/12/17
Looking to help local makers Mark Hammond 1/10/17
Cast Aluminum Bird Letter Opener Project John Hay 1/4/17
Mystery wood Zak Smolen 1/3/17
Maker Educator job wanted in Asheville area Problem-based Science 1/3/17
CubeX RAMPS Conversion Ian Baillie 1/3/17
Laser cutter red marker dot Bob Sinclair 12/27/16
Matter and Form 3D scanner John Hay 12/27/16
Google Maps ChaBuku Alex Bakke 12/22/16
Hand forged sea turtle hings project John Hay 12/21/16
Tuesday Meeting ChaBuku Alex Bakke 12/21/16
Projects on the Wiki Steve Altemeier 12/20/16
Laser etching PCBs Zak Smolen 12/19/16
Print bed coating Zak Smolen 12/17/16
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