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Makerspace purchases Zak Smolen 8/22/17
Machining and carbon fiber composites courses 8/17/17
Makerspace Announcements Zak Smolen 8/15/17
The Eclipse (what else?): and if it's cloudy.... Stephen Carter 8/15/17
Computer parts, free to a good home Hugh M Munro 8/13/17
Oscilloscope class Zak Smolen 8/9/17
Lectures/Lesson Zak Smolen 8/7/17
Free News coverage Weston Simmons 8/7/17
Re: {Asheville Makers} Re: Lectures/Lesson Ian Baillie 8/5/17
RAMPS Printer [Mostly?] Ready for Use Steve Altemeier 8/3/17
DMG Mori Tech Days in Charlotte Paul B. Hartzog 7/31/17
Micro SD adapter Zak Smolen 7/30/17
Lower power H-Bridge Motor Driver Suggestions Zak Smolen 7/30/17
North Carolina Makerspace Burns Down Robert Schultz 7/28/17
VR hangout Ian Baillie 7/24/17
Laser cutter pumps left on. Avi 7/19/17
Two Ethernet Switches, Free Robert Schultz 7/19/17
Making Cheap Lab Equipment Stephen Carter 7/19/17
Pizza Tonight Steve Altemeier 7/18/17
Status of RAMPS 3D Printer Steve Altemeier 7/17/17
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