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Ornament Event Tomorrow Steve Altemeier 12/9/16
Laser Cut Your Own Holiday Ornament at the Makerspace! Steve Altemeier 11/30/16
Anyone at the space today? Simeón Cogswell 11/21/16
3D Printer Bed Adhesion Fixed Robert Schultz 11/18/16
Voting Clock is now correct Robert Schultz 11/18/16
Asheville Pizza and Brewing Tonight Steve Altemeier 11/15/16
Becoming an unincorporated nonprofit association, start up stories, please Ella Kliger 11/15/16
Free Arlo cameras at makerspace Robert Schultz 11/9/16
Strandbeest? Mason Cooley 11/6/16
Discussion group for lasers like ours... Tim Swihart, Sr. 11/5/16
Reminder: Repair Cafe tonight Avi 11/4/16
Asheville Futures Meetup Paul B. Hartzog 11/4/16
New Lulzbot Taz 6 Service Bulletin Robert Schultz 11/2/16
Laser cutting marble Zak Smolen 10/30/16
At the space tonight Zak Smolen 10/29/16
Fwd: Upcoming developments at 185 Coxe Ave Steve Altemeier 10/20/16
Pizza Tomorrow Night Steve Altemeier 10/17/16
Fully Armed and Operational Avi 10/9/16
Salvage Sunday 10/9 Nicholas Amrich 10/9/16
Grand Opening and First Friday Avi 10/4/16
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