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Pizza Night Zak Smolen 6/19/18
Pin nail gun to borrow? Kacee Granke 6/18/18
TOOOL Interview Zak Smolen 6/17/18
Any tips for aligning the laser for parts which were partially cut and removed? Stephen Barnwell 6/17/18
Intro to Arduino Class Steve Altemeier 6/14/18
Moving to the area, looking for laser cutter access 6/14/18
Photos of the space Avi 6/5/18
Looking for PC Donation Kacee Granke 6/1/18
Anybody with lathe and welding skills? 5/26/18
What to do with semi-obsolete electronics? Steve Miller 5/23/18
May 29 - TOOOL Lock Picking Meeting Jess Hires 5/23/18
Do you know a 3D professional printer? Alon Kaplan 5/22/18
Form 1+ printer for lab? John Kreisher 5/20/18
I'm NOT an expert in Arduino... can you teach me how to be a novice? Alon Kaplan 5/20/18
Freelance web dev Zak Smolen 5/16/18
Pizza Night Steve Altemeier 5/15/18
Needed: Prototyping Cardboard Kacee Granke 5/15/18
Arduino Gurus Wanted! Christa Flores 5/14/18
I have to make an IR Proximity Sensor / Obstacle Detector circuit Alon 5/7/18
A big Thank you! Fusion Help! Plate Project Robere Crown 5/1/18
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