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CubeX RAMPS Conversion Ian Baillie 5:19 PM
Tool Organization Ian Baillie 5:17 PM
501(c)(3) Status Update Steve Altemeier 5:59 AM
Craftsman 8 Function Multimeter on sale--$9.99 Stephen Carter 7/22/16
3D Printer Back in Action Robert Schultz 7/21/16
Two Events Coming Up Steve Altemeier 7/21/16
Skills List Steve Altemeier 7/19/16
Tonight's Potluck (7/19) Zak Smolen 7/19/16
Announcements Steve Altemeier 7/19/16
Deosoldering Braid Simeón Cogswell 7/17/16
Volunteer Opportunities Steve Altemeier 7/15/16
3D printer Extruder head screw and z-index issues Robert Schultz 7/11/16
At the space today Steve Altemeier 7/11/16
Electronics and Computers Meetup Tonight! (NodeMCU) Avi 7/6/16
Fwd: Wayfinding signage being designed by Jenny Fares Steve Altemeier 6/30/16
Back in Town Stephen Carter 6/28/16
Failed 3D Print Zak Smolen 6/26/16
Note on new spools for 3D printer Simeón Cogswell 6/23/16
3D print finishing Zak Smolen 6/22/16
LCD Monitor Simeón Cogswell 6/22/16
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