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Scrap stuff Nicholas Amrich 8/24/16
Builder Needed: 3 Square Lacquer Trays 8/24/16
Laser Cutter Avi 8/23/16
need a laser cutter now Tom Heck 8/23/16
Potluck Tonight @6! Avi 8/23/16
Star Wars Cornhole Boards Johnny Brooke 8/23/16
At the space Monday morning Steve Altemeier 8/15/16
At the space on Saturday? Michelle Ngo 8/13/16
Space Reorganization Avi 8/6/16
At the space today Avi 8/6/16
Sparkfun survey (which could win you/the space another TAZ) Zak Smolen 8/4/16
3D Printer Back in Action Robert Schultz 8/3/16
CubeX RAMPS Conversion Ian Baillie 8/2/16
Strange Smoky Smell Ian Baillie 7/30/16
Tool Organization Ian Baillie 7/30/16
Board Gaming and GenCon Simeón Cogswell 7/30/16
Sublime Text Editor John Koester 7/29/16
Power outage this morning Nicholas Amrich 7/28/16
501(c)(3) Status Update Steve Altemeier 7/28/16
GeekOut! Nicholas Rake 7/24/16
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