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Failed 3D Print Zak Smolen 9:35 AM
Note on new spools for 3D printer Simeón Cogswell 6/23/16
3D print finishing Zak Smolen 6/22/16
LCD Monitor Simeón Cogswell 6/22/16
Potluck Tonight Avi 6/21/16
CNC Class Thursday Steve Altemeier 6/21/16
Don't put coffee into the 3D printer Robert Schultz 6/17/16
Interesting project Kyle Schumaker 6/14/16
Mess at the space / New Achievement Award & Challenge Avi 6/9/16
3D Printer - Webcam Robert Schultz 6/8/16
Torx Screwdriver Simeón Cogswell 6/7/16
CNC Mill Checkout Class Steve Altemeier 6/2/16
Some Upcoming Events at the Refinery Steve Altemeier 6/1/16
NodeMCU workshop still on? Juan Garcia 6/1/16
Anyone going to the space today? Zak Smolen 5/31/16
Mix & Mingle - June 16th (7-10pm) Avi 5/27/16
Maker City - new free PDF book from MAKE Tom Heck 5/24/16
RFID Lock Steve Altemeier 5/24/16
Articles of interest in Current Wired Stephen Carter 5/22/16
Monday 5/23 paper rockets at Rainbow Tom Heck 5/22/16
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