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Recommendation on USB based oscilloscope/data acquisition device Jerry Tice 10/12/15
Nice stepper motor driver Zak Smolen 10/9/15
October Dues Steve Altemeier 10/8/15
Tuesday Meetup & Checking out the new space. Avi 10/6/15
Moving Day Details (Help is needed!!!) Avi 10/1/15
White LEDs Avi 9/29/15
At the Space Today Steve Altemeier 9/29/15
Metal Casting Meetup group Jerry Tice 9/28/15
TV rabbit ear antenna needed for robot Tom Heck 9/27/15
grey tarp needed for giant robot Tom Heck 9/27/15
Heading to the Space Steve Altemeier 9/26/15
Lockpicking help? Avi 9/24/15
Re: Robotics Interest Group Jerry Tice 9/24/15
Electronic Parts Order Steve Altemeier 9/23/15
Atlanta Maker Faire - update Tom Heck 9/21/15
need advice on color to paint the NAV Tom Heck 9/20/15
Soldering/board design class Zak Smolen 9/19/15
Giant Robot to build Tom Heck 9/18/15
Robotics Subgroup Meeting Tonight Steve Altemeier 9/17/15
3d Printer #1 is printing pretty nice Jerry Tice 9/16/15
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