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Is anyone going to be in the makerspace before this Tuesday? Steve Miller 10/19/17
Oxy-Acetylene setup? 10/18/17
Pizza tonight Zak Smolen 10/17/17
Seeking V/R designer to render 2D digital art into 360 viewing BenJAMiam Koller 10/12/17
17" MacBook Pro with fried logic board Will Eccleston 10/11/17
Oscilloscope class Zak Smolen 10/10/17
Free Stuff Steve Altemeier 10/2/17
208v 3 phase wiring Nick Moen 9/23/17
Pizza Tomorrow Steve Altemeier 9/18/17
Repair Cafe collaboration Daniel Hettinger 9/13/17
CNC Machines Steve Altemeier 9/10/17
New member interested. lydia taylor 8/31/17
Shop lights to giveaway Tom Heck 8/29/17
SLS 3D Printer from Formlabs Robert Schultz 8/27/17
Art Crawler at next Meeting Steve Altemeier 8/23/17
Makerspace purchases Zak Smolen 8/22/17
Machining and carbon fiber composites courses 8/17/17
Makerspace Announcements Zak Smolen 8/15/17
The Eclipse (what else?): and if it's cloudy.... Stephen Carter 8/15/17
Computer parts, free to a good home Hugh M Munro 8/13/17
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