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Senior Consultant Needed Richard Sylvester 8/14/15
Technical Meeting schedule Jay Hill 8/3/15
FW: Looking for Python programmer(s) to contribute to AutoKey Jay Hill 7/25/15
One-On-One Coding Lessons for Kids? Ryan Barrington Cox 7/23/15
best ui framework for dynamically altering documents Will Holcomb 7/19/15
Front-end Developer for Hire Jacob Louis 7/8/15
Fwd: Software Engineering role in Asheville, NC Toby Crawley 7/4/15
Hiring Junior developer Andrew Swerlick 6/26/15
JavaScript job Brenden Fitzgerald 6/25/15
Tech Meetup Lance Ball 6/25/15
Tech Meetup Tomorrow Night Lance Ball 6/23/15
Hiring a software engineer Diana Kantor 6/23/15
New Blog Post: Straightforward (Live) Functional JavaScript: Building the Yome Widget Bruce Hauman 6/11/15
Upcoming events (social meetup tonight!) Jay Hill 6/10/15
Technical Meeting tonight: Clojure vs. Daily Fantasy Sports w/John Tollison Jay Hill 5/20/15
Freelancer (jquery, backbone, css, possibly python) Ed Gordon 5/6/15
Clojure vs Daily Fantasy Sports : May 20th Jay Hill 5/4/15
Heres a link to my ClojureWest Talk Bruce Hauman 5/1/15
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