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Clojure vs Daily Fantasy Sports : May 20th Jay Hill 5/4/15
Heres a link to my ClojureWest Talk Bruce Hauman 5/1/15
Drupal Developer/Designer Needed Kyle Levitan 4/28/15
Front End Developers ? Jose Ibarra 4/23/15
Slack Channel Andrew Swerlick 4/22/15
Technical meeting tomorrow night : React Jay Hill 4/22/15
Hiring a software tester who can code Diana Kantor 4/21/15
Rails Freelance Developer Work Andrew Anderson 4/20/15
Daily Fantasy Sports presentation John Tollison 4/18/15
Frontend for Clojure Friend auth with MySQL Sven Pedersen 4/16/15
python coding on the weekend Alex Lee 4/16/15
Social meetup returns to downtown Asheville Pizza & Brewing tomorrow 7 PM Jay Hill 4/7/15
ReactJS User Group forming Eric Jackson 4/3/15
math lecture tonight Mark Phillips 3/27/15
Mini-dvi to VGA adapter needed for tonight's talk. Bruce Hauman 3/25/15
Looking for Someone To Help With Frontend work Ed Gordon 3/16/15
Drupal developer position at NOAA NCEI (formerly NCDC) Diana Kantor 3/13/15
Help wanted - emergency & long-term: PHP, CSS, server admin Eric Jackson 3/5/15
coming to the meeting tonight? do you have a MiniDisplay to VGA adapter? Toby Crawley 3/4/15
Ansible/Docker Presentation Lance Ball 2/25/15
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