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Pentagon employees warned not to use personal email, texts for official business pakurilecz 8:55 AM
80,000 Ways to Search the Archive Plumbing the secrets of the Museum’s Tech Files. pakurilecz 8:50 AM
Fire Destroys Valuable Artifacts at Jakarta’s Maritime Museum pakurilecz 8:41 AM
Israel's Chief Archivist: State Concealing Embarrassing Documents Under Guise of Security pakurilecz 8:38 AM
Difficult to find and train archivists, restorers, says Mohan Krishnan pakurilecz 8:35 AM
‘This Side of Hoover’ Is Archiving Gentrification In East Hollywood, One Portrait at a Time pakurilecz 8:32 AM
Builders go on trial for Cologne city archive collapse pakurilecz 8:29 AM
A First Look at REBNY’s Historical Archives, Now at LaGuardia Community College pakurilecz 8:28 AM
University archivist Ann Case leafs through transcripts and other early 20th century documents from the Registrar’s Record Group in the archival stacks of Jones Hall. pakurilecz 8:26 AM
Long lost recording of Martin Luther King Jr. speech in Maine made available online pakurilecz 8:24 AM
In The Battle of Beersheba, the Imperial Camel Corps is the story history forgot, until photos were uncovered at a New England property pakurilecz 8:23 AM
Botanical project partnership hits pay dirt pakurilecz 8:20 AM
Hartford Archdiocese Names New Archivist pakurilecz 8:17 AM
LGBTQ archivist, professor Josh Burford sets off for Alabama to record the state’s queer history pakurilecz 1/14/18
Librarian, Archivist Retires After 30 Years pakurilecz 1/14/18
Preservationists’ issues with new Obama Presidential Center continues pakurilecz 1/14/18
Few public records of frequent Cuomo phone calls pakurilecz 1/14/18
Shaping the future of audiovisual archiving: new international think tank identifies strategic priorities for the field pakurilecz 1/14/18
Marianist archives land in S.A. pakurilecz 1/14/18
Students preserve 125 years of history at Bakersfield High School pakurilecz 1/14/18
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