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Resourceful Records Managers! - George Despres, the Program Director for University Records Management at Brandeis University. pakurilecz 10/22/17
Into the Heart of Patagonia’s Secret Archives pakurilecz 10/22/17
'Unknown' RCMP special constable identified quickly on social media pakurilecz 10/22/17
Photographic US treasure trove showcases Sydney like we've never seen before pakurilecz 10/22/17
Vermont - Court Rules Public Records on Personal Accounts Are Subject to Release pakurilecz 10/21/17
Can FOIA be fixed? pakurilecz 10/21/17
Dig into those archives! The story of a lost code breaking woman of World War II pakurilecz 10/21/17
White House officials used private email, violated federal record-keeping rules, top Democrat says pakurilecz 10/21/17
Law Library digitizes original legal texts Jefferson chose for U.Va. pakurilecz 10/21/17
Website asking a king’s ransom for a piece of Rhode Island history pakurilecz 10/21/17
Nebraska - Johnson photographs African-Americans in Lincoln at a time when their world garnered little attention pakurilecz 10/21/17
The history of Iraqi Jews is in jeopardy pakurilecz 10/21/17
Tennessee - Citizens barred from legally photographing records pakurilecz 10/21/17
How The US Came to Declassify 30,000 Pages of American Embassy in Indonesia Files pakurilecz 10/21/17
Ireland - Staying off the record on access to archives pakurilecz 10/21/17
Swedish university launches digital archive of Nazi concentration camp survivor testimonies pakurilecz 10/21/17
These Never-Before-Seen Photos From “The New York Times” Offer a New Glimpse Into African-American History pakurilecz 10/21/17
National Archives warned Trump White House to preserve documents pakurilecz 10/21/17
A Pittsburgh Group Dedicated To A 19th Century Cardinal Digitized His Life's Work pakurilecz 10/21/17
Lights! Camera! Memories! A D.C. film archivist is donating his collection. pakurilecz 10/21/17
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