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Watch a Destroyed 17th Century Map Get Painstakingly Restored pakurilecz 11:08 AM
President Pierce collection too pricey for state historical society pakurilecz 12/4/16
Clark County wants to create online public records archive going back to 1909 pakurilecz 12/4/16
More Than Dusty Books in Caves: A visit to the Minnesota Archives Symposium pakurilecz 12/4/16
Victoria’s Secrets: What the Royal Archives Didn’t Want You to Know About England’s Queen pakurilecz 12/4/16
France adds African perspective to colonial period archives pakurilecz 12/4/16
Glass negatives offer glimpse into Richmond’s past pakurilecz 12/4/16
NARA names classification chief pakurilecz 12/4/16
Managing the preservation and accessibility of public records from the past into the digital future pakurilecz 12/4/16
Historic photo revives interest in Negro League's St. Louis Stars pakurilecz 12/4/16
Historic TV shows to be preserved online by archive pakurilecz 12/4/16
The Social History of the Archive: Record-Keeping in Early Modern Europe pakurilecz 12/4/16
Vermont - Shumlin administration looks to lock down certain agency records pakurilecz 12/4/16
Canada - Archives intent on preserving police history pakurilecz 12/4/16
UAE to set up new storage facility for manuscripts pakurilecz 12/4/16
Canada - Pickering library has future plans for storing the city’s past pakurilecz 12/4/16
Fears of Trump prompt Internet Archive to make mirror site in Canada pakurilecz 12/4/16
Harvesting Government History, One Web Page at a Time pakurilecz 12/4/16
BFI to save 100,000 classic TV shows as Basil Brush and Tiswas at risk of disappearing forever pakurilecz 11/29/16
Effort seeks to preserve history of St. Petersburg's Weekly Challenger newspaper pakurilecz 11/27/16
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