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Leatherworking Frank Kallal 1/25/18
JAN ** AR BoardGame Day Frank Kallal 1/25/18
Grant Ideas and Deadlines Myles Farrell 1/25/18
Shop Training Event Tonight Mark Ribera 1/23/18
work table upgrade idea Chris 1/23/18
At Space tonight-winterfest, go pro, and more! Amberly Brown 1/23/18
Fire and Ice Info Derek 1/22/18
3d Printer file creation Frank Kallal 1/21/18
Raspberry Pi Jam - Volunteers Requested Frank Kallal 1/21/18
Help this afternoon Myles Farrell 1/21/18
Rich Freese a local CNC machinist visit 1/21 7:00 Derek 1/21/18
Impromptu Dad hangout Andy Ricke 1/19/18
DIY formed sheet metal punch Jim S 1/17/18
Nintendo wanting to attract makers? kamikazejoe 1/17/18
photobooth? Chris 1/16/18
Tuesday Build Night Myles Farrell 1/16/18
Walker Floor Protector + Slider? Beyond Tennis Balls Tom Blevins 1/15/18
Fwd: Winterfest Ticket Sales Mike M. 1/15/18
外贸客户开发,贵在主动,重在方法 1/14/18
Tips on Raspberry Pi 3 touchscreen case with built-in speaker Ben West 1/9/18
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