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This is the publicly accessible discussion group for the Arch Reactor Hackerspace in St. Louis, Missouri.

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Fire and Ice ? Frank Kallal 11/22/16
Puzzle Book Brad Tissi 11/21/16
Hacksgiving is Tomorrow! Diane Sudduth 11/21/16
Test message Vince 11/16/16
Cleaning tonight Myles Farrell 11/14/16
Hacker Lab Procedure Andy Ricke 11/14/16
Aluminum Casting Class 1.1 Myles Farrell 11/13/16
Hang Drywall Saturday 11/12 10am-2pm Nathan Schrenk 11/13/16
11/12 Volunteers needed to pick up donated desks for the classroom Gene J. (GeekTinker) 11/13/16
Hang Drywall 11/11 Derek 11/10/16
Work day 11/10? ||cw 11/10/16
Casting Class Myles Farrell 11/9/16
Bottle opener hand casting 11/8/16
Job opening - electronics technician Gavin Perry 11/8/16
Build Day 11-3 Myles Farrell 11/6/16
Potential computer donation source question Amberly Brown 11/6/16
First Friday tonight ||cw 11/4/16
2017 First Friday Themes Diane Sudduth 11/2/16
Maker's Position South of St. Louis Jenifer Fox 11/2/16
Raspberry Pi Camera HDMI Cable Extension Board Ice086 11/2/16
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