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Lauchcode opening new center in North St. Louis Gene J. (GeekTinker) 8/28/15
Maker Competition TV Series - Intel Aaron Ward 8/28/15
Space tour tomorrow evening? Ben Firestone 8/27/15
Laser cutter night cancelled due to kittens. Deech 8/27/15
3d printing meet up time , 7 or 8? Jeremy Brenner 8/27/15
Visiting from out of town and would love to tour the space Patrick Schless 8/27/15
3d printer question. Jeremy Brenner 8/26/15
Intermediate Robotics Class nfolken 8/25/15
Aug AR Board Game Day (08/29/15) Frank Kallal 8/25/15
Seeking Woodworking Advice Tony Strawhun 8/25/15
Citizen Scientist program, quickly classify new galaxies for further analysis, win a telescope Brad Tissi 8/25/15
Where to find and follow us online Gene J. (GeekTinker) 8/23/15
Arch on the Move Colleen Forrest 8/23/15
Question about vinyl cutter setup 8/21/15
2009 Open House Derek 8/21/15
project power supplies ||cw 8/21/15
Spiceworks user group meeting ||cw 8/21/15
Fellowship of the Things ||cw 8/21/15
Saturday 15 AUG George Rutter 8/20/15
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