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This is the publicly accessible discussion group for the Arch Reactor Hackerspace in St. Louis, Missouri.

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Public Relations Workday Ricke, Andrew 1/28/15
Reigning in Donations nfolken 1/28/15
next group project? ||cw 1/26/15
Orb Printer EschewObfuscation 1/25/15
seeking somebody with a Filastruder or similar that can turn ABS pellets into 1.75mm Filament N2RI1 1/23/15
2x2' carpet tiles Ben West 1/23/15
Partition Recovery Help Aaron Ward 1/23/15
Perennial Home Goods Swap Derek 1/22/15
Interest in helping with brewing equipment and classes Jeremias Szust 1/22/15
wireless video repurosing ||cw 1/20/15
Lost Keys 1/20/15
FIRE AND ICE! Deech 1/19/15
The 14 Best Startup Cities in America. Take a guess where St. Louis ranks before reading this. Gene J. (GeekTinker) 1/19/15
missing centerpiece nfolken 1/18/15
Twitter Flock tour comming ||cw 1/16/15
Re: (Arch Reactor) Digest for - 7 updates in 3 topics John Senay 1/15/15
fire and ice demo/projects ||cw 1/15/15
Bin and label your stuff nfolken 1/12/15
Lulzbot Taz Status Andy Ricke 1/11/15 Order Frank Kallal 1/11/15
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