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Green house with sensors and controls Steven Adamski 9/27/16
Supplies? Diane Sudduth 9/26/16
brick house electrician recomendaton? ||cw 9/26/16
[Murmuration Festival] - The call For Volenteers Frank Kallal 9/26/16
[Murmuration Festival] - It's a Wrap (up) Frank Kallal 9/25/16
Silk Screening Dr. Gadget 9/25/16
Last-minute Murmuration Info Diane Sudduth 9/23/16
rivet gun? Jacob Francois 9/22/16
Fundamentals of Arduino 2 of 4 "Sensors" October 1st 9/21/16
Morgan M - Media Request Brenda M 9/19/16
BoardGame Day ** Sept 17 * Starting at 5pm Frank Kallal 9/17/16
Escape Room Show 'n Tell!! Next Tuesday, Sept 20 David Griggs 9/16/16
Saturday Morning (9/17) Build Day nfolken 9/16/16
potential involvement in school math and science night? 9/14/16
Re: (Arch Reactor) Saturday Morning (9/13) Build Day Nathan Schrenk 9/14/16
Archon this weekend? Tom Blevins 9/13/16
Heat treating steel? 9/10/16
Build Session 9/10 Myles Farrell 9/9/16
Microcenter pi zero for $0.99 Tom Blevins 9/9/16
problem with 3D print Ann Boes 9/9/16
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