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Dewalt hammer drill at space Nathan Schrenk 4/23/16
vinyl cutter Jacob Francois 4/22/16
A Little Help! Membership and a project 4/22/16
UMSL Education Entrepreneur Showcase May 10th at the ED Collabitat Bell-Christian, Amber D. 4/21/16
Looking for a Free HTML editor for non technical users Tom Blevins 4/20/16
Phone Charger left there... XSFX2000 4/19/16
Meeting Details for 4/19 Mtg Bohra Family 4/19/16
Fwd: New look, great lineup and celebrating what's NXT Amberly Brown 4/19/16
Newbie question about 3D Printing Andrew Simone 4/18/16
Gear Wall construction this Saturday Andy Ricke 4/17/16
This might be worth getting cable for-Drone Racing Morganism 4/17/16
STL Craigslist woodworking post Andy Ricke 4/15/16
Fwd: Delmar Loop Innovation Neighborhood Social Impact Hackathon Nathan Schrenk 4/15/16
FIRST Team Help Sara Robinson 4/14/16
Need a Hardware Partner James Finley 4/14/16
TJ's Pizza's now available at AR Bob S. 4/13/16
Bright Idea's Expo ||cw 4/13/16
2016 Robot and Technology Expo Ann Boes 4/11/16
Planer / shapeoko cabinet Andy Ricke 4/10/16
Lathe Demo Frank Kallal 4/9/16
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