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This is the publicly accessible discussion group for the Arch Reactor Hackerspace in St. Louis, Missouri.

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Microcontroller with Ethernet suggestions? nfolken 10/9/15
Shop Equipment Damage Myles Farrell 10/5/15
Leak George Rutter 10/4/15
Laser Cutter 10/2/15
Re: (Arch Reactor) Space is Diane Sudduth 10/1/15
looking to donate a few computers Frank Kallal 9/30/15
Talk about FCC open source wifi router lock-down issue next Tuesday? Ben West 9/30/15
Dirty Shop Sandpaper Myles Farrell 9/29/15
Dixie 9/28 Update Derek 9/28/15
New Tool for artistic pursuits: Glastar Super II Stained Glass Grinder Gene J. (GeekTinker) 9/28/15
Arch Reactor Griffin Cura profile. ROB K 9/27/15
Tesla Brick Update Michael Kuba 9/27/15
Recycling at the space. Frank Kallal 9/27/15
Arch Reactor .stl files jef m 9/27/15
Henna tattoo artist wanted Brad Tissi 9/27/15
drone chain ||cw 9/26/15
Reminder: Total Lunar Eclipse Sunday, 8PM-11:30PM EschewObfuscation 9/26/15
Re: Stuff thats Wanted Morganism 9/23/15
CADSoft Eagle PCB Design Question fredspartan104 9/23/15
Need a 2GB micro SD card Derek 9/22/15
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