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Anyone need a full-height rack? Ben West 3/8/15
question about laptop repair workshop 3/7/15
Weatherballoon launch is 3/`14 Derek 3/7/15
First Friday - who's going? XSFX2000 3/6/15
Is there a place that will buy remnant fabric in St. Louis ROB K 3/6/15
Ewaste/Shredmania Collection Drive Derek 3/6/15
Fwd: [DorkbotSTL] premiere e ||cw 3/4/15
Help identifiing a Surface Mount Transistor nfolken 3/4/15
CRT TVs and monitors nfolken 3/4/15
April 2015 Build Night with InstaMorph and Gene J. (GeekTinker) 3/3/15
Make Magazine looking to talk to Arch Reactor members about an upcoming event Caleb Kraft 3/3/15
Weather Balloon Launch 2/15 Derek 3/3/15
fishing for ideas for a presentation Hangout 'Switch' nfolken 3/2/15
Radio Shack Sale Dr. Gadget 3/2/15
This sounds like a fun project for geek points. Cardboard CNC Machine Gene J. (GeekTinker) 3/1/15
Centrifuge machine Minerva 3/1/15
Lab:Revolution summer MakerCorp program!! 3/1/15
lost phone? ||cw 2/28/15
Nov ** AR Boardgame day Frank Kallal 2/27/15
Does anybody know how to convert an MRI image into something you can 3d print? Morganism 2/26/15
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