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Build Day Saturday (12/17) nfolken 12/17/16
3D Printer Meetup - 12/16 or 12/23? 12/14/16
Ideas for powering post-mounted light from low-voltage AC landscape lighting? Nathan Schrenk 12/14/16
Inkscape - giving text outlines width for engraving on the laser Jim S 12/14/16
Woodshop for rent? to work on a project Yakko Warner 12/12/16
Preparatory steps for using band saw to resaw lumber? Ben West 12/11/16
Saturday 12/10 Build Day 10AM Derek 12/10/16
Is anyone going to be in the vicinity of the space before 5? Myles Farrell 12/6/16
Rotating Tree Power Tom Blevins 12/6/16
Shapeoko Myles Farrell 12/4/16
Lasering photos Diane Sudduth 12/4/16
Router Table Frank Kallal 12/2/16
Acrylic welding/gluing help, please Diane Sudduth 12/2/16
Caution - Is The Laser Too Sharp? Tom Blevins 12/1/16
Laser Out of Service Myles Farrell 11/30/16
8th Annual St. Louis Area Tech Group Bowling Extravaganza! ||cw 11/30/16
laser cut pla? Jacob Francois 11/24/16
Work details Myles Farrell 11/23/16
Roomba vs. knock-off Morganism 11/23/16
Fire and Ice ? Frank Kallal 11/22/16
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