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Reminder - Ukrainian Eggs/Pysanky - 3/24 Diane Sudduth 3/23/15
Alternate egg dying workshop: silk transfer ||cw 3/23/15
Need a new ISP Morganism 3/23/15
Next First Friday theme... ||cw 3/20/15
DSL Troubleshooting for Ethernet and adding wifi ROB K 3/19/15
Radio Shack closings Tom Blevins 3/19/15
Unlocked Nexus 5 for sale. kamikazejoe 3/19/15
Need a button maker Derek 3/19/15
TAZ speed Andy Ricke 3/19/15 Instamorph Build Night Gene J. (GeekTinker) 3/18/15
3D Printer kit 4 sale w/ 5 spools of filament Ross 3/17/15
Hey! Don't forget what night it is! Deech 3/17/15
Bravo Trackr group buy Brad Tissi 3/17/15
Weather Balloon Launch Sat. 3/14 please RSVP Derek 3/16/15
Pixybots update Apollo Timbers 3/16/15
Upgrade for the telepresence bot memmek2k 3/13/15
Arduino Day March 28 ||cw 3/12/15
A Very Raspberry Pi Day 3/14/15 9:26am until... Anthony Alvarez 3/12/15
Robotic curriculum Information Gene J. (GeekTinker) 3/12/15
Rearranging Tables nfolken 3/11/15
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