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This is the publicly accessible discussion group for the Arch Reactor Hackerspace in St. Louis, Missouri.

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Fwd: Please update your Windows computer! Ben West 5/15/17
Build out this Saturday, May 13? Nathan Schrenk 5/13/17
Hacker collective problem solving Morganism 5/13/17
laptop setup "party" ||cw 5/12/17
Brad Nailer Andy Ricke 5/11/17
Shapokeo missed steps - drivers overheating Jim S 5/11/17
sewing machine? Amberly Brown 5/11/17
List of Saint Louis Maker-Friendly Suppliers Andy Ricke 5/10/17
Benchtop Table Router Frank Kallal 5/9/17
New exploit suing google docs ||cw 5/3/17
Thanks to the build-out volunteers today! Nathan Schrenk 4/29/17
Build-out scheduled for tomorrow, Saturday 4/29 @10am Nathan Schrenk 4/28/17
Furnace out - Locally sourced transformer? Brad Tissi 4/27/17
Fwd: Apply to Present at the 2017 Bright Ideas Expo! ||cw 4/26/17
Laser seems to be down Rosanna 4/26/17
Drink Money AR Treasurer 4/24/17
Long yellow extension cord? Nathan Schrenk 4/21/17
Saturday 4/22 Build Derek 4/21/17
New'ish to STL curious about ArchReactor Russel Neiss 4/20/17
Thanks to everyone who worked on the build-out tonight! Nathan Schrenk 4/18/17
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