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Balloon Launch Nov. 5th Derek 10/31/16
Truck-full of AR tool donations nfolken 10/30/16
Is there a 220/240 V plug near the back? Vince 10/29/16
Screen Printing... ||cw 10/29/16
Building Walls this Saturday (10/29) nfolken 10/28/16
Work Detail 10-26 Myles Farrell 10/27/16
Trying to figure out if you're the place for me Chris Harrison 10/25/16
Work details 10/22 and 10/23 Myles Farrell 10/23/16
EFF and Arch Reactor Shahid Buttar 10/21/16
LED Lighting Products Gavin - Meridian 10/20/16
3-d printing help, please? - Science Spooktacular! Diane Sudduth 10/19/16
Costume Build Night Part 2 Diane Sudduth 10/17/16
Fly Swatters Tom Blevins 10/17/16
When does membership start? Vince 10/17/16
Hot? Tom Blevins 10/17/16
Tuesday 10-11 Myles Farrell 10/11/16
Build Out Day 10-8 Myles Farrell 10/7/16
Classes RSVP? Jeramia Ory 10/7/16
Mill question Amberly Brown 10/6/16
I have a project idea for the next balloon launch ROB K 10/5/16
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