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Student Robotics (e.g. FIRST) Matt Snyder 7/17/16
Sparki bots at Bright Ideas, Preview Tuesday ||cw 7/17/16
Need electronic donations. Derek 7/15/16
Tools to make 1.5" hole in aluminum plate? 7/14/16
Automated - Fish Tank monitor - What do you think? 7/14/16
Maker Exhibitor at Maker Expo at Murmuration Festival, September 23 - 25 7/13/16
Space Improvement Projects ||cw 7/12/16
O-ring source? 7/12/16
AR's laptops ||cw 7/10/16
Leads on wood shop that repairs old wood sashes Ben West 7/8/16
Moving the last sheets of drywall in? Gene J. (GeekTinker) 7/6/16
Wet Tile Saw Chankster 7/6/16
Coming in to use the shop and membership Rand, Peter 7/5/16
Coming in tomorrow to work on a balance bot and wondering if I could get some help Luke Parker 7/4/16
July 3RD Barbecue Morganism 7/3/16
Makerspace contest ||cw 7/3/16
Recommendations for Movers Morganism 7/2/16
Satellite dish trailer nfolken 7/2/16
Balloon Payload Retrieval Derek 7/1/16
Trouble Getting to AR today Tom Blevins 7/1/16
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