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First Friday -- Tonight! ||cw 6/3/17
Acrylic Order Key Frank Kallal 6/2/17
Shapeoko notes Jim S 5/31/17
Metal Lathe Intro 5/30 7:00 Derek 5/31/17
Bags of cement Myles Farrell 5/28/17
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Memorial Weekend Build Out? Brad Tissi 5/26/17
Notes on operation of the Shapeoko? Jim S 5/25/17
borrow a tablesaw? nfolken 5/23/17
I'm moving to St. Louis this summer and bringing a "science on wheels" bus; a converted school bus that is a mini hands-on museum ( and John Perkins 5/22/17
Available - DC / AC Bench Top Power Supply Tony Strawhun 5/21/17
Deck Railing Andy Ricke 5/21/17
Drop by sometime during AR open hours when some has 1.2mm pentalobe screwdriver? Ben West 5/16/17
Brass Cribbage Pegs Frank Kallal 5/15/17
Fwd: Please update your Windows computer! Ben West 5/15/17
Build out this Saturday, May 13? Nathan Schrenk 5/13/17
Hacker collective problem solving Morganism 5/13/17
laptop setup "party" ||cw 5/12/17
Brad Nailer Andy Ricke 5/11/17
Shapokeo missed steps - drivers overheating Jim S 5/11/17
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