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This is the publicly accessible discussion group for the Arch Reactor Hackerspace in St. Louis, Missouri.

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I need a fog machine. Derek 1/6/17
Super Bowl of Destruction February 5th! Get started! Morganism 1/6/17
OpenAG STL "Future of Food" Exhibit - MIT "Food Server" Peter Webb 1/6/17
Re: (Arch Reactor) Super Bowl of Destruction February 5th Amberly Brown 1/6/17
strait pins Jacob Francois 1/5/17
details on small metal lathe? Jim S 1/4/17
DIY Security Camera Help DHull 1/4/17
Fire & Ice 2017 Fundraiser 7th Annual! 1/3/17
Soiled State Relay Issues (SSR-40-DA) ROB K 1/3/17
Furnace out - Locally sourced transformer? Brad Tissi 1/2/17
Hack something tonight? Jim S 1/1/17
Stuff That Is Available Gene J. (GeekTinker) 1/1/17
Re: Self Intro Morganism 12/31/16
Anything going on at the space in the next few days? Jim S 12/29/16
Arch Reactor Dues/Website Changes Admin 12/29/16
Who was messing with the electricy/ lighting wood burning? ROB K 12/28/16
Tonight Derek 12/27/16
Wide format printer donation offered Nathan Schrenk 12/22/16
maintenance person needed for lasercutter in north st louis school Ann Boes 12/21/16 Now With 100% More Sensor Data Logging Admin 12/20/16
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