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This is the publicly accessible discussion group for the Arch Reactor Hackerspace in St. Louis, Missouri.

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All-Hands Build Sat 8/13 10am to Midnight Andy Ricke 8/14/16
Leftover lumber from deck construction Ben West 8/14/16
Got a Couple LED questions Frank Kallal 8/12/16
opportunity for young makers to show off their projects 8/12/16
Virtual Reality demo phoglite 8/11/16
free PCB? ||cw 8/11/16
Re: (Arch Reactor) Digest for - 11 updates in 2 topics John Senay 8/10/16
E-textile & group of St Louis kids Jeanne Bloch 8/6/16
Front Door Murals Myles Farrell 8/4/16
Impromptu build session Myles Farrell 8/3/16
Calling all merchandise makers Brad Tissi 8/2/16
Work detail before the meeting Myles Farrell 8/2/16
local saw mill wood donation 8/1/16
Outlet Amberly Brown 7/31/16
State of the space Myles Farrell 7/31/16
CNC CAM Class Andy Ricke 7/30/16
2016 CIRC Bot Brawl August 13th Derek 7/29/16
Need some day camp help Derek 7/29/16
Aluminum Rail Bulk Purchase Ice086 7/29/16
Spherical Robotics Project Luke Parker 7/28/16
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