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Build Night 7/18 ||cw 7/19/17
Group Admission 7/18/17
Bright Ideas 2017 Frank Kallal 7/15/17
Boeing REACH happy hour Myles Farrell 7/14/17
Bright Ideas - Frank Kallal 7/14/17
Calendar Flyer for Bright ideas. Frank Kallal 7/14/17
Need laser cut tonight, or by tomorrow at noon. 7/12/17
Raspberry Pi Wifi Paul Robbins 7/7/17
Aquaponics Myles Farrell 7/5/17
We've been invited to the milwaukee makerfaire this year ||cw 7/5/17
Smart Thermostat rebates ||cw 7/4/17
Front Door Chankster 7/1/17
Build Day? Myles Farrell 6/30/17
Canceling the July 4 business meeting Nathan Schrenk 6/30/17
Bright Ideas Expo 2017 - July 15 ||cw 6/29/17
New Member Introduction Paul Robbins 6/29/17
Easel+Shapeoko workshop Tuesday at 8 ||cw 6/28/17
refab sale this weekend ||cw 6/28/17
Fwd: Bright Ideas Expo Rehearsal - Wednesday, June 28th ||cw 6/28/17
SNARF! Free Mobile Indie Game Matthew Russell 6/27/17
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