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2009 Open House Derek 8/21/15
project power supplies ||cw 8/21/15
Spiceworks user group meeting ||cw 8/21/15
Fellowship of the Things ||cw 8/21/15
Saturday 15 AUG George Rutter 8/20/15
Windows 10 upgrade ||cw 8/16/15
Vinyl Cutter Frank Kallal 8/15/15
Your Android likely has Stage Fright EschewObfuscation 8/15/15
Hangar & Tool Sale memmek2k 8/14/15
Friendly Neighborhood Treasurer PSA Michael Kuba 8/14/15
September 4 - First Friday - Dr. Who - and notes about promo items Diane Sudduth 8/13/15
Large pallets (not your average) for pickup Brad Tissi 8/11/15
Pot Luck Tonight Derek 8/11/15
CoderDojoSTL Stephen Berg 8/11/15
FCC comment period open for ruling that may affect use of 3rd party firmware on wifi equipment Ben West 8/11/15
SAVE THE DATE - 2016 Robot and Technology Expo!! Gene J. (GeekTinker) 8/11/15
RFID Cat Feeder Rosanna 8/10/15
Looking for phone bank locations 8/9/15
August 7 First Friday: NASA New Horizons -- To Pluto! ||cw 8/7/15
I'm refining my magiquest wand modifcation. need advice Yakko Warner 8/7/15
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