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This is the publicly accessible discussion group for the Arch Reactor Hackerspace in St. Louis, Missouri.

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Stuff thats Wanted Admin 4/23/17
Information for Newbies: This is not the only discussion group we use Admin 6/8/12
Information for Newbies: Community guidelines and their enforcement Arch Reactor 5/25/12
Information for Newbies: How to join this group without agreeing to Google's TOS or Privacy Policy Arch Reactor 5/25/12
Re: (Arch Reactor) Space is Space Switch 3:09 PM
3D printer policy William Andersen 10:16 AM
Stuff That Is Available Gene J. (GeekTinker) 8/17/17
Eclipse Weather Balloon Launch Derek 8/16/17
Sale alert (electronic components) EschewObfuscation 8/15/17
Has anyone seen Jordan? Myles Farrell 8/15/17
Router table Myles Farrell 8/10/17
Who's planning on attending Bot Brawl 17 in Peoria this Saturday, August 12? Nathan Schrenk 8/9/17
Derek Presents Movie Night Derek 8/9/17
Photo's from the welding class. Apollo Timbers 8/7/17
First Friday Roll Call Morganism 8/5/17
last minute build day today (Sat 8/5) noon to ?? ||cw 8/5/17
Art Riverboat Travelling Through STL in Need of a Makerspace Peter Webb 8/5/17
Water on the Floor Frank Kallal 8/3/17
Local source for odd size polyethylene tubing? Jim S 8/1/17
3D printer under extrusion Derek 8/1/17
Art Hack Day August 17-19 @4240 Building in Cortex Nathan Schrenk 7/29/17
Aluminum Pour 8/6 7:00 Derek 7/26/17
Program for layout of parts on perfboard Jim S 7/21/17
Aluminum Pour Derek 7/21/17
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