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This is the publicly accessible discussion group for the Arch Reactor Hackerspace in St. Louis, Missouri.

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Stuff thats Wanted Admin 4/23/17
Information for Newbies: This is not the only discussion group we use Admin 6/8/12
Information for Newbies: Community guidelines and their enforcement Arch Reactor 5/25/12
Information for Newbies: How to join this group without agreeing to Google's TOS or Privacy Policy Arch Reactor 5/25/12
Re: (Arch Reactor) Space is Space Switch 12:25 AM
Unique STEM/STEAM Opportunity for Arch Reactor Juvan Bonni 6/23/17
Arch Reactor Kansas City Maker Faire Information Morganism 6/23/17
Fwd: Bright Ideas Expo Rehearsal - Wednesday, June 28th ||cw 6/22/17
Fwd: St. Louis Telecom Data Center FOR SALE Ben West 6/22/17
Boeing REACH happy hour Myles Farrell 6/22/17
AR in Action! Photos, videos, etc. XSFX2000 6/21/17
ARRL Field day-Amateur radio-Saturday Amberly Brown 6/21/17
Question: Inviting non-members to trainings? William Andersen 6/20/17
Build Day Myles Farrell 6/20/17
Arch Reactor plans for July 7 First Friday Morganism 6/19/17
need help troubleshooting a laser cutter Ann Boes 6/15/17
Smart Thermostat rebates ||cw 6/15/17
3D printer meetup? XSFX2000 6/14/17
New Pixybot ||cw 6/13/17
June ** AR BoardGame Night ** 06/24/2017 Frank Kallal 6/12/17
folding tables ||cw 6/9/17
Little bits Frank Kallal 6/6/17
Bright Ideas Expo 2017 - July 15 ||cw 6/5/17
Build Day sunday Myles Farrell 6/5/17
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