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Hi, this forum is for Ara module developers.

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How to create a peer-to-peer communication over RF among ARA-based devices? Peter Babel 6/29/16
ARA in India :: and the "Developing" World Garrett Kinsman 6/29/16
Battery power station. Ruub van den Berg 5/31/16
How would I contact someone for an Idea for ARA that I have not seen anywhere yet? Ronnie Thompson 5/25/16
Making the Case for a Modular Display: Unlocking the Next Leap in Computing Garrett Kinsman 5/25/16
The project will never succeed because of simple economic Ron Efrati 5/24/16
Project ARA Developer Edition Specs and Photos: What We Know. Garrett Kinsman 5/24/16
Module Component Costs Kevin O'Brien 5/22/16
New email address for Developers D1080 5/22/16
Ara is back! Tim Southwick 5/22/16
newbie's questions Hailun Tan 4/11/16
spiral 2 developer board MD Imraj hossain 3/29/16
looking to beta test the ara platform Nick Clark 3/19/16
Use Of The Word Ara In Module Branding Kevin O'Brien 3/1/16
Arduino with greybus. Bryce Wilson 2/8/16
Other Modular Phone Devicess Peter Sisk 1/31/16
Dev kit release in december? Yile Ku 1/26/16
Project Ara Spiral 2 Demo Jeba Qpt 1/25/16
Beta Tester Sajarin 1/21/16
Idea for a module Jacob V 1/15/16
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