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Please share your questions, answers, ideas, tips and tricks about aprs.fi here. Please only post messages which are directly related to the aprs.fi web site or the aprs.fi iPhone app. If you're new to the group, please check the message archive to see if your question has been answered before - the search function actually works really well. It's also a good idea to check the relevant chapter of the aprs.fi user guide first (user guide is temporarily offline).

If you're having a problem, please start by reading the Troubleshooting section of the user guide.

If the troubleshooting section does not help, and you need to post the discussion group, please describe your problem with as much detail as possible. If some APRS packets are not showing on aprs.fi, or are displayed incorrectly, please provide a link to the page with the error, and mention the exact callsign-SSID being used to transmit the packets (for example: OH7AA-9). Describe in clear terms what is currently shown erroneously, and what would be the expected correct behaviour.

If your APRS position is not showing up on the site, the most common problem is incorrect symbol setting in the tracker - please check the raw packets at https://aprs.fi/?c=raw to see the error messages (enter your callsign and click on Search). If your packets are not displayed at all in the raw packets display, check other APRS web sites too. If your position is not shown by the other sites, the problem is with your transmitter or APRS application, and you need to get in touch with that application's support forum. Thank you!

Please only post messages which are directly related to the aprs.fi service or the aprs.fi iPhone app - there are several other good discussion groups for general APRS issues.
- Hessu, OH7LZB

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