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Welcome to the Apps User Group.  This Google Group has been created to serve as the discussion board for the website Apps User Group at  The purpose of this group and the site is to help connect and assist schools in the use of Google Apps for Education.  We encourage all members to share resources, ideas, questions, and comments.

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Google Form Exams Sheryl Anderson 9:12 AM
Emoji Writing Prompt Generator with Google Sheets Eric Curts 11/27/16
Upcoming Webinar - The All New Google Sites Eric Curts 11/23/16
Submitting to the new Template gallery? Jesse Thorstad 11/22/16
Chrome add-on Extension for Epson interactive projector? Kaylene Corcoran 11/21/16
e-Learning Perception Manjunath B 11/18/16
Improve Reading Comprehension with Google Docs "Black Out" Eric Curts 11/11/16
Google Maps Deep Dive Session for G Suite for Education. Karen Chichester 11/5/16
Alternatives for the Clearly readability extension Eric Curts 10/27/16
Teacher Using Drive for Private Info Sheryl Anderson 10/18/16
New Training Video: Fantastic Feedback Tools for Google Docs Eric Curts 9/26/16
Call for Presenters D70 i3 Conference Ckimbarovsky 9/21/16
Removing advance to next slide in Google Presentation Joann Poock 9/13/16
New Part-Time Computer Tech Position at Old Trail School Sharon Winfrey 9/8/16
Upcoming Webinar - Fantastic Feedback Tools for Google Docs Eric Curts 9/7/16
Tool to allow password reset by users (without help from Admins) Horizon22 8/29/16
Setting up GAFE GMAIL on Android David Fawcett 8/24/16
Password protected Parent Access to Class sites Reaz Shaheed 8/24/16
Old Template Gallery? Karen Chichester 8/17/16
Call for Presenters Ckimbarovsky 8/16/16
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