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Download Eric Brown 7:57 AM
Automatic airport diagrams Michele 4/15/14
Registration (again) John Kearney 4/15/14
To all group members: Google Glass Apps4Av Support 4/15/14
Integration with AdruPilot Michael Bishton 4/14/14
7M06 is about to drive me nuts (and it doesn't have very far to go) IBAAV8R 4/13/14
Seeing two charts 4/13/14
Auto pilot RMB Zubair Khan 4/13/14
Re: NMEA output Apps4Av Support 4/12/14
Topograhpic Charts Peter F 4/10/14
Rubber banding request John Shackelford 4/9/14
Touch sensitivity. Bud Livada 4/8/14
AVARE and GDL-39 Peter F 4/8/14
Positioning and Updates Jon S 4/7/14
5.4.9 beta placed for your testing Zubair Khan 4/5/14
Slight glitch with the NW IFR Low chart Kendell Bidwell 4/3/14
Update issue - missing file Douglas Neufeld 4/3/14
New better looking sectionals from the FAA Apps4Av Support 4/3/14
Install/Maintain Avare on Multiple Devices John SB 4/3/14
New compatible ADSB devices (FREEFLIGHT SYSTEMS) Zubair Khan 4/2/14
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