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Map Legends kansas plane 5/2/15
Nexus 7: Where is Avare installed Lance Crossfire 5/1/15
The glide ratio Carlos XMobile 5/1/15
Screen Brightness Function kansas plane 4/30/15
Viewing ADSB weather... Steve Greenwood 4/30/15
VFR GPS procedures is up! Zubair Khan 4/30/15
Sectional Refresh Rate EXTREMELY SLOW N13JP 4/29/15
VFR Section Overlap Cutoff Nathan Allen 4/29/15
PLAN waypoint syntax Dennis Hampshire IL 4/29/15
NY Helicopter long island route Brian Perry 4/29/15
SkyVector and Avare Christian Walter 4/28/15
Is there any type of navigation GPS program for the Windows Surface Tablet Mark Gobble 4/28/15
map has black border on right side Ingo N. 4/28/15
Paste a new plan? Dan Yost 4/26/15
ADSB Nexrad functionality Derek Slabosz 4/25/15
Clearing Memory For Avare? John Wiley 4/24/15
Set fuel tank timer time? Michele 4/23/15
Trouble finding Pireps, NOTAMS and winds aloft Derek Slabosz 4/22/15
Re: apps4av-forum AGL feature not working John Wiley 4/22/15
Plate geotagging - a new verification site to ensure quality. Peter A. Gustafson 4/22/15
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