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This group is intended as a public discussion forum where every user can contribute with questions, ideas and answers about using appledoc. If you have a question or get unexpected results, start here and then the discussion may lead to opening a new GitHub issue. This should keep GitHub issues list usage to feature requests and bug reports only.

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GUI front end for appledoc appledoc 7/12/13
More details on warnings? Raymond Camden 8:53 AM
Document enums? Thomas Wagner 4/16/14
Segmentation fault: 11 when generating docSets Carlos Santos 4/1/14
How to create a separate category section Troy Chmieleski 1/23/14
AppledocException: At least one directory or file name path is required, Durul Dalkanat 1/23/14
index.html was not generated in C command line project. Sang Chul Choi 1/4/14
Documentation only for public .h files Michael 12/31/13
index.html was not generated Yuhuan Jiang 12/29/13
index.html File Not Found. Ahmad Ansari 12/20/13
Does appledoc support Doxygen-style groups Steve Wehba 12/1/13
Setup Questions Sullivan Liu 11/5/13
Appledoc examples emilio fernandez 11/5/13
Empty "Documents" in installed .docset A :-) 10/12/13
/usr/local/bin/appledoc: Permission denied Viet Nguyen Tran 10/10/13
Extract the method selector Hitesh Savaliya 10/9/13
How do we document Const and defines Titus Abraham 9/19/13
How do we refer to a particular enum value Titus Abraham 9/19/13
Docsets not being generated mad106 8/8/13
Help with this!! Carter Burn 7/31/13
Project activity Rob Van der Veer 7/25/13
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